Karlie Redd Announces She’s Engaged

‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Karlie Redd recently announced that she’s a fiancé!

The 51-year-old is engaged to T Davinci, the CEO of the streaming app NowThatsTV.

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Karlie Redd Announces Her Engagement

Karlie made the announcement during her single release party for her song ‘Lonely.’ She has heavily promoted the party and the track on social media. Yandy Smith posted a clip in her Instagram Stories of Karlie introducing the music video before saying, “And also I’m engaaaaaged!!!” The crowd cheered upon hearing the news. Yandy said, “Sis ain’t lonely no mooore!” seemingly in reference to her single title. However, if you’ve been keeping up with the tea on ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ you know that Karlie is no stranger to proposals. It seems Ms. Redd has a track record of announcing her engagements or getting proposed to when she shares new music.

See an photo of her ring below.

Karlie Redd Announces She's Engaged On Social MediaKarlie Redd Announces She's Engaged On Social Media
Photo by Derek White/Getty Images for 7even Films

Redd’s Previous Marriage Proposals

Ebony reports one of Karlie’s ex-boyfriends, Mo, proposed to her on July 18, 2018. Her then-man proposed at her listening party. She debuted her single ‘Karlie Ferrari.’ Additionally, Karlie fell onto the ground after Kai Tyler proposed to her in April 2024. The ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cameras documented the moment. When Kai proposed, he provided her with three engagement rings to choose from. She told producers, “When I see a ring, I fall out.” She added, “I may fall for a ring, but never turn it down.” Karlie also explained that “it wasn’t about the ring. It was about me praying.”

After Karlie confronted R&B crooner Lyfe Jennings about still being married, he presented her with a promise ring. She again fell to the ground. However, it was a break-up ring. The singer left it on the park bench they were sitting on before walking away. Karlie would later blast him for buying a fake ring.

Karlie has had her fair share of proposals, but will she make it down the aisle this time?

Regardless, congrats girl!

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