Katt Williams Responds To Ludacris’ Freestyle (LISTEN)

Katt Williams is firing back at Ludacris with his own bars following the rapper’s recent freestyle. As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams went viral earlier this month after calling out the rapper, various celebrities, and comedians on the ‘Club Shay Shay‘ podcast.

At the time, Ludacris responded with a freestyle, instructing comedians to “check their temperatue.”

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Katt Williams Lets Off Bars Of His Own

On Tuesday, January 16, the latest podcast episode of ‘Collect Call With Suge Knight’ was released via YouTube. The episode featured Williams as a special guest.

To note, Knight is currently incarcerated, serving a 28-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter. The former record label executive records his podcast via collect calls from a state prison in San Diego, California, per Rolling Stone.

During the pair’s initial call, they discussed Williams’ viral comments as they reflected on their careers. However, during their second call, Knight phoned Williams while he was in the recording studio.

The 52-year-old comedian informed Knight that he’s currently working on an album.

Additionally, Williams went on to exclusively preview his response record to Ludacris’ previous bars. The comedian reportedly called the song, ‘Hit Em Up Part 2,’ referencing Tupac’s 1996 single ‘Hit Em Up,’ which notoriously took aim at his East Coast rap opponents.

In Williams’ snippet, he referred to Ludacris as a “fraud” and said he was on the “wrong side of history.”

Check out his bars below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Williams’ bars.

Instagram user wrote.

“LMFAOOOO mannn Katt funny asf😭 bro just keep taking Ws”

While Instagram user @ambogotsoul added.

“😂😂😂 in my Shannon Sharpe voice ‘COME ON NIE KAAAAAT.’”

Instagram user @glctamya wrote.

“This has been the most unserious start of a year 😂”

While Instagram user @wavylil__ reiterated one of Williams’ bars.

“‘Oh Chris I wish it never came to this ‘😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

Instagram user @domzthompson wrote.

“Whoever Kat PR team or person is, they deserve their flowers because they are standing on business and keeping him in all our thoughts and conversations. 😂”

While Instagram user @chriswilliamsii added.

“I am going to say this, if Katt Williams ever decide to start a podcast, he’s going to put a lot of podcasts out of business”

Instagram user @leonrossonehunnit wrote.

“Katt woke up January 1st & said … DIS HIS YEAR!!!! LOL”

Katt Williams Initial Comments & Ludacris’ Response Bars

As The Shade Room previously reported, during his viral podcast appearance, Williams alleged that he and Ludacris had both been invited to an Illuminati party. According to The Week, the Illuminati is a rumored “secret society” of figures such as “doctors, politicians, actors, and musicians” who allegedly control the world.

The 52-year-old alleged that Ludacris accepted an offer into the cult in exchange for fame and fortune.

“So there was a crossroads where we were both invited to an Illuminati thing. And it had to be one or the other of us, and a decision had to be made… One of us had to cut off all they hair, and couldn’t do the side burn thing no more with the points, and the next person they said was going to $200 million because they were gonna pay him $10 million a movie to do 20 movies,” Williams explained, referring to Ludacris’ continuous role on the ‘Fast & Furious’ movie series. “One of those persons turned out to be Ludacris, and the other person turned out to be Katt Williams.”

Additionally, Williams referred to Ludacris’ wife as “light-skinned” and “ugly-faced.”

A few days later, Ludacris took to social media to deny the Illuminati allegations and let his bars off.

Check out his response below.

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