Keke Palmer Says Her Retirement Is “Around The Corner”

Keke ‘Keep A Job’ Palmer is thinking about retiring from Hollywood, y’all.

Just weeks after coming to Taraji P. Henson‘s defense over pay disparity in the industry, it looks as if the Disney alum has also been thinking about her exit from showbiz.

Keke Palmer Reveals Retirement Plans

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the actress openly hinted that her retirement was imminent.

“I don’t know. I think the timer has started,” she shared.

Palmer added that she hasn’t put a timeline on things yet. However, the move to step away will be made sooner rather than later.

“I think it’s because I just haven’t felt it yet. But the timer, I know that it’s around the corner,” she added.

Palmer has actively worked since her childhood. She appears conscious of the legacy she will leave behind once she steps away for good.

She hopes her journey will inspire others enough to open the doors for future generations.

“The main thing I want those legacies to be is [a call] to use your power for good, to use what you have to create spaces and systems for other people to thrive,” she told the outlet.

Taking A Stance Against Unequal Pay

Earlier this month, Palmer spoke out after Henson tearfully revealed she’d been considering quitting Hollywood due to pay disparity.

The actress, who has starred in countless box office hits, said she still finds herself on the short end of the stick in contract negotiations.

During an interview on Gayle King‘s SiriusXM radio show, Henson expressed irritation, stating, “I’m just tired of working so hard, being gracious at what I do, getting paid a fraction of the cost. When it’s time to renegotiate, I’m at the bottom again, like I never did what I just did… I’m just tired.”

The 53-year-old further mentioned that she’d been fighting for equal pay on every film but has not been successful, highlighting that she has bills to pay and the math isn’t adding up.

Her comments ignited a broad conversation on social media, subsequently shedding light on the challenges faced by Black actors in the industry.

And it appeared as if Palmer could relate, as she opened up on why she has often felt the need to work multiple jobs.

“The entertainment industry is just like any other industry. We run businesses to keep our brands afloat, us being the brand/business,” she said in an Instagram post. “And it’s that team of company members that decrease any assumed large lump sum. This includes monthly expenses just like everyone else. In the words of biggie ‘more money more problems.’”

Keke Spills On Why She Works Multiple Jobs

Despite her successful career, Palmer explained to her fans the need for diversification in her income stream.

The ‘NOPE’ actress admits she works multiple jobs out of necessity, not just out of passion.

Working a single job isn’t feasible in today’s world, she said, unless you’re pulling in the kind of money that a billionaire would make.

“For an entertainment career you may be like me, an actor, influencer, host, singer, speaker etc. I keep a job because I HAVE to haha. We ALL work multiple jobs and we may like some but also because we HAVE to.”

Palmer revealing her plans to retire from Hollywood arrives amid ongoing legal issues with her ex, Darius Jackson.

The pair have been at odds over a custodial dispute about their son, Leodis. The controversy arrived amid abuse allegations, which went public in November 2023, per The Shade Room.

Their custody war has seen both parties accuse one another of abuse, which has since left a judge to grant Palmer a restraining order against Jackson.

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