Kel Mitchell Shares Message After Ex-Wife Denies Infidelity

Kel Mitchell has shared a message after his ex-wife, Tyisha Hampton, denied getting pregnant by other men during their marriage.

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Here’s What Kel Mitchell Shared After His Ex-Wife’s Response

On Friday, May 17, Mitchell took to Instagram with a message for his fans. Mitchell began by explaining that he is “deeply moved” by the “outpouring of love, personal stories, and breakthroughs…”

“Dear Everyone, I am deeply moved by the outpouring of love, personal stories, and breakthroughs you’ve shared after my Club Shay Shay interview,” he wrote. “Your support means the world to me. I will continue to pray for you and please pray for me…”

Mitchell then inserted a quote that explained the experiences some people want to “hide and forget” are the experiences that are supposed to help others.

In the caption of his post, Mitchell shared a Bible scripture before thanking his current wife, Asia Lee, for her support.

Check out his post below.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users reacted to Mitchell’s message in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @mrs__pooh82 wrote, The message I took from his interview is hurt people, hurt people and heal people, heal people 👏🏾”

While Instagram user @qmooremusic added, Man this all just aint adding up to me. From either side. 😂😂😂”

Instagram user @ghanaprincess1 wrote, Y’all he told HIS TRUTH! If it isn’t what she experienced, then that’s her truth!”

While Instagram user @raelawson_no7eleven added, Is it weird that I think him and his ex wife were lying?”

Instagram user @virgo_hearted wrote, She’s been attacking this man for at least the past 5 years online. Almost the entirety of her social media mentions him and her being his ex-wife. She’s OBSESSED with him.”

While Instagram user @bigdave_restupfreddie added, I really don’t believe either of em”

Instagram user @rebellious_chantele wrote, Look, All he did was tell his story and she came back with another one…. at lease kell is being positive during the end lol he’s not calling her names or disrespecting her like most would do…. let’s move on”

A Brief Recap Of His Viral Allegations & Tyisha Hampton’s Response

As The Shade Room previously reported, Mitchell went viral after recently appearing on ‘Club Shay Shay’ with Shannon Sharpe. During the sitdown, Mitchell alleged that his ex-wife had become pregnant by other men more than once during their marriage.

“We had the abortion, but then we had a baby, and she ended up telling me that the baby that was aborted wasn’t mine,” Mitchell reportedly told Sharpe before later adding. “…It was a lot, it was other times she had gotten pregnant.”

As the conversation continued, Mitchell explained that he stuck with Hampton for the sake of their kids. However, their marriage was ultimately forever changed.

In response, Hampton took to social media to deny Mitchell’s claims. However, she didn’t hesitate to accuse him of other things, such as abuse and abandoning their children.

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