Kevin Hart Reveals How Tall He Is & Whether He’s A Billionaire

Kevin Hart is setting the record straight and revealing how tall he is while sharing whether or not he’s hit ten figures.

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Kevin Hart Sets The Record Straight On His Height

According to Entertainment Tonight, the 44-year-old sat down for an exclusive interview on ’60 Minutes’ with Anderson Cooper. During the sitdown, Cooper mentioned various outlets and how tall they’ve reported Hart to be.

“GQ said you were 5’5, the LA Times said you’re 5’4, and some other place said you were 5’2,” Cooper told Hart.

In response, Hart humorously replied: “Well, that last place is bulls**t.”

“GQ finally got it right,” Hart revealed. “5’5! Five foot five, like, with a shoe on. Like, with a sneaker. Now, if I put a boot on, I can get to 5’5 and a half.”

As the interview continued, Hart shed light on why he’s unafraid to share more personal things about himself that people may find funny.

“It’s talking about the things that you aren’t afraid to laugh at about yourself,” he said. “I’m really confident that the laugh that I’m getting, you’re not laughing necessarily at me as if I’m a joke, you’re laughing at the experience. I’m giving you an experience through a story that is relatable, and more importantly, I’m saying things that other people just don’t have the heart to say.”

The Comedian Also Spilled Some Tea On His Finances

Furthermore, Hart also spoke with Cooper about his finances and whether or not he’s hit billionaire status.

“None of your business, man. Are you trying to get me robbed?” Hart initially replied when Cooper asked if he had hit ten figures.

From there, Hart added, “hopefully,” seemingly confirming that he hasn’t yet hit the billionaire status. However, the comedian did share what he feels is the “better side” to whether or not he achieves that milestone.

“Even if I don’t or I’m not, I think the better side to what I’ve done is create what can become the new norm for other people in the business of funny,” Hart told Cooper. “For other people in the business of entertainment. Not just being a part of the business, but learning and understanding how to be the business.”

Kevin Hart Previously Made Headlines Earlier This Year

As The Shade Room previously reported, Hart made headlines in January when fellow comedian Katt Williams accused him of being an “industry plant.”

In response, Hart chucked Williams’ comments up to him harboring “anger.”

Weeks after Williams’ comments about Hart, his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, revealed she would be joining Williams on a nationwide comedy tour, per The Shade Room.

In response, Hart took the high road while wishing his ex-wife and Williams well on their joint venture, per The Shade Room.

“I want everybody to win, I hope the tour is great,” he told TMZ at the time.

Ultimately, Torrei Hart later addressed social media speculation surrounding her decision to tour with Williams.

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