Keyshia Cole Snaps At Critics Of Hunxho’s Resurfaced Content

Keyshia Cole is stepping behind her boo Hunxho and suggesting y’all stay out of her business! On Thursday, the singer clapped back at critics chatting on X (formerly Twitter).

The conversation was surrounding a resurfaced video of Hunxho sharing his views on loving multiple women and photos of him holding stacks of cash. The 24-year-old and Keyshia have been a hot topic since first popping out together in April.

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What Hunxho Said In The Viral Video

As mentioned, Hunxho was the focus of multiple X posts after he admitted to having a roster of women. Someone in the background recommended he stop “tricking” on every woman and spend the stacks on his “main female.”

Your boy said NOPE! The way he puts it, all his women are loved and spoiled.

“All of them is my main female tho. All my b*****s straight. I love all of them equally, we are one. We are a family. They all love me, I love all of them, they all love each other and they respect each other,” he said.

The video and photo of him holding four stacks of cash on his bicep are resurfaced content. At this point, there is no telling how long ago he filmed his theory on love!

Keyshia responded to people using the footage to shade her with comments saying she’s “going out so bad.”

“That man don’t hold up no lil money like that no more. Leave me alone wit all this old sh*t. I’m blocking y’all FR,” the singer replied.

She circled back to seemingly defend her bae’s growth and, again, ask to be left alone. Keyshia also shut down the accusation that she’s okay with Hunxho’s comments because “he got money.”

“No not at all. But people need to stop sending me all this old sh*t. People grow and learn. Life ain’t stagnant.”

And if heartbreak comes, Keyshia says she’s experienced. She wrote “Me heart been broke before..y’all gotta chill. Relax.” 

Swipe below to see her responses on X. 

Gloss Up Recently Revealed Hunxho Is Her “Sneaky Link”

Social media has been nonstop speaking on Keyshia’s present and past love life. The topic really riled up after she and rapper Gloss Up exchanged words over Hunxho!

So, this resurfaced video of Hunxho seemingly revealing his polygamous view of relationships isn’t looking too good.

But, hey, Keyshia Cole keeps making it known that she’s not worried! She’s been seen with her lil’ boo a few times since responding to Gloss Up’s jabs.

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