Killed & Ex-Cop Arrested After Deadly Breakup

On April 9, Carlos Collins was tragically murdered by his ex-boyfriend and former cop, Marcus Johnson. Johnson was accused of stalking the 25-year-old and was even placed under a restraining order.

Before his death, Collins reached out to Jackson, Mississippi, police for help.

But did Johnson’s role as a former police officer keep Collins from being taken seriously?

Now, The Shade Room’s Justin Carter is looking into the tragedy and speaking with Collins’ family for ‘TSR Investigates.’

Here’s What Reportedly Occurred In Carlos Collins & Marcus Johnson’s Relationship

According to Carter, Collins met 33-year-old Johnson at a nightclub in 2022. The pair reportedly dated for a year. However, after they went their separate ways, Johnson began displaying a “pattern of odd behavior,” which Collins and his family noticed.

“I feel as if he stalked my brother from the beginning because when he [Collins] introduced us to him [Johnson], it was at this club… and he was king of like a few tables over, and now that I think about it, every time after that when we would go out… places we would be, I would see him [Johnson],” Ashley Hudson, Collin’s sister told Carter.

Additionally, Hudson explained that she and her family “encouraged” Collins to get a restraining order against Johnson.

After their breakup, the former cop was also spotted on the Ring camera outside of Collins’ residence on multiple occasions.

Things Turn Tragic & Deadly

According to Hudson, her brother also began observing instances where it appeared Johnson had entered his apartment when he wasn’t present.

“It was basic things, like, him [Johnson] letting him [Collins] know, like, ‘I can get in here anytime. I don’t care about you changing the locks,’” Hudson recalled. “Some kind of way, he was still getting in the house.”

Collins’ family even informed Carter that during the last two months of his life, Collins found AirTags in his car and even believed Johnson installed a Ring camera near his residence to “spy on him.”

Scroll above to watch as Collins’ family speaks on his tragic passing. Additionally, an attorney weighs in with important advice for others dealing with similar circumstances.

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