Kim Kardashian Was A Joke Magnet At Tom Brady’s Roast

Chile! The only person more popular than Tom Brady at his roast event seemed to be Kim Kardashian. The SKIMS founder maintained her composure as Brady and others took jabs at her alleged sexual history and co-parenting situation with Ye.

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What Tom Brady Said About Kim Kardashian

When Tom took the mic at ‘The Greatest Roast of All Time,’ he took a shot at Kimmy, who was in the crowd. He suggested that the mother of four was “terrified” to be at the event.

“I know Kim was terrified to be here tonight. Not because of this, but because her kids are at home with their dad,” Brady said.

The reality TV star has previously opened up about the difficulties of co-parenting with Ye and her reluctance to speak badly about him due to their kids.

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Meanwhile, Tom’s remarks about someone else’s co-parenting come amid him doing the same with his ex-wife. Brady and Gisele Bündchen announced their separation in 2022 after 13 years of marriage.

She filed for divorce in Florida and he reportedly didn’t contest it. Their divorce petition included paperwork stating each party had completed a “Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course.”

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Who Else Dragged The Kardashian?

Kim also caught a stray before Brady spoke! Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe advised her to “close” her “legs” while referencing a movie scene about a “whale’s vagina.”

“…Which reminds me, Kim Kardashian’s here,” Tony said. “She’s had a lot of Black men celebrate in her end zone. Kim, word of advice: close your legs. You have more public beef than Kendrick and Drake.”

Kardashian took the joke with a laugh and head shake.

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What Happened When Kimmy Took The Stage?

Not only was Kimmy dragged for her past and present, but the star also didn’t receive a warm welcome from the crowd. This moment came before Brady and Tony’s jabs.

After Kevin Hart introduced her, she took the stage and tried to roast the comedian. But before she could get her jokes off, the audience started booing her so loud that Kev jumped in to get them to settle.

Still, Kim took the hate in stride with a smile on her face as she pushed through her moment.

Later in her monologue, she toyed with rumors that she and Tom Brady were dating. She joked about debating whether to attend the roast since she wasn’t Brady’s date before referencing one of her most infamous moments.

“Speaking of Tom and I dating, I know there were some rumors that we were, and I’d never say if we did or not. I’d just release the tape,” Kim Kardashian joked.

Meanwhile, the internet has been linking her to another NFL player, Odell Beckham Jr., in the last few months. They have been spotted together on multiple occasions, but last week, reports surfaced about their alleged break-up.

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