Kindergarten Graduation Goes Viral After Girl Shares Future Career

Roommates, it’s graduation season! Families and friends across the country are gathering to attend ceremonies and celebrate their grads, from kindergarten to college!

While some ceremonies can be stuffy, long, and maybe even a lil’ boring, one little girl had the people at hers in TEARS! She shook the audience with her unexpected answer about her future desired career. Now, the video is all over the innanet and receiving mixed reactions!

Girl Goes Viral At Kindergarten Graduation

When Aria Noelle took the stage at her graduation, the last thing her mother expected was that her six-year-old would go viral. Jakensia Desirae Wilson had attended and recorded the ceremony for the Arkansas school last week.

As is typical at most graduations, her daughter and classmates received little diplomas. Then, they were each asked to go up to a mic and share what they wanted to be when they grew up.

When it was Aria’s turn, she didn’t hesitate one bit with her answer! Wearing her adorable black sundress and a huge yellow bow, she confidently walked up to the mic.

“I want to be pregnant,” Aria said. Immediately after, the room filled with gasps and “ohhhs.”

Watch the hilarious moment below. 

Jakensia told TMZ that the moment had her cracking up so much that she couldn’t even keep recording! It seemed like lil’ Aria was trying to communicate that she wanted to be a mother.

And DID…but in the most unexpected way ever! Nonetheless, the innocent moment is one the mother of two (and the other graduation attendees) won’t forget. Now, Jakensia also has the footage to remind her daughter of her first viral moment!

Congrats to Aria and her classmates! 

Social Media Reacts To Girl’s “Pregnant” Answer

One repost on X of the viral video has collected over three million views and more than 560 comments. The reactions range from folks cackling over Aria’s confidence with her answer to questions about what she’s being exposed to.

@RevShepdaugther wrote, “U meant President, sweet baby. President, not pregnant [face palm emoticon].”

@JeidVine wrote, “Nothing could have prepared me for what she said next.” 

@CatACor21 added, “Girl, WHAT? This ain’t funny. What are y’all teaching these kids?” 

@ajnassudah said, “Yoooo wtf [laughing emojis] as a father hearing that sh*t out of NOWHERE will make me pass tf out lmao.” 

@CrownMyHustle added, “This video will not age well. Sad part about this video is the mother had the audacity to post it. Cause what did you gain from this?”

@BruceZagga: “You think our generation bad? Have mercy on them.” 

@ChefChocDivah: “I remember going to one of these, and my BFF daughter got up and said she wanted to be an ice cream truck.” 

@MissColeWoods added, “I’m sincerely hoping that maybe she has seen other women pregnant and they appeared to be really happy? So she wants that too?”

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