Larsa Pippen Responds To Claim She Kissed Up To Kardashians

Larsa Pippen wants to make it known that she never hid in the shadow of the Kardashians when they were still BFFs.

The ex-wife of Scottie Pippen and mother of three recently appeared in the mid-season 6 trailer for ‘Real Housewives of Miami.’

Larsa Pippen Goes At It With Ariana De Maura

In the teaser clip, her co-star Ariana De Maura made a not-so-nice remark about Pippen and her former friendship with the Kardashians.

After the socialite asked the cast to apologize for being an “a******” in the previous season, the brunette fired back, saying, “And you weren’t there, darling. You were in L.A. for 10 years, kissing the Kardashians’ a**. So, shut up!”

The fiery remark left Pippen to respond, “You better sit the f*** down.”

Watch the NSFW clip here.

And while it’s no secret that the 49-year-old once shared a bond with the famous family, particularly with Kim Kardashian, they’ve since gone their separate ways.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Pippen addressed the comment made in the teaser trailer as she fired off at Maura.

“She says that because she hasn’t evolved,” the reality star said.

“I feel like for me, I’ve evolved and come so far from where I was 13 years ago. So I don’t really pay her or anyone who says that any attention because I feel like I’m really focused on the things that matter, the things that make a difference for me and the people around me.”

What Happened Between Larsa And The Kardashians?

The first signs of trouble in their friendship surfaced in 2020 when fans noticed that Kardashian and her sisters had unfollowed Pippen on Instagram.

Considering how social media interactions are highly scrutinized these days, this action suggested a potential feud between the two.

The speculation was further fueled when Pippen was noticeably absent from Kardashian’s 40th birthday celebration.

For a while, the reasons behind this apparent falling out were shrouded in mystery. However, Pippen broke her silence in an interview on the ‘Hollywood Raw’ podcast in November 2020.

She suggested that their friendship had cooled due to Kanye West, Kardashian’s now ex-husband.

According to Pippen, West didn’t want his wife around her because he felt that she was stealing his time.

“I just feel like Kanye was in a place where he, you know, he really didn’t trust anyone with Kim,” she said. “So, I feel like I was the person that was like, ‘Oh, like, don’t be so close to her because you’re so close to her’ that, you know, that kind of had something to do with it.”

Pippen also accused the Kardashian family of being influenced by West’s views and hence distancing themselves from her. In response to these allegations, sources close to the Kardashians, via E! News, stated that they had simply “grown apart” from Pippen over time due to changes in their lives and priorities.

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