Latto Clarifies Meaning Of Her New Song ‘Sunday Service’ (Video)

Latto is opening up about the meaning behind her newest song, “Sunday Service.” As The Shade Room previously reported, the rapper teased the single amid her speculated feud with fellow rapper Ice Spice.

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Latto Sets The Record Straight

On Friday, February 9, Latto released the single on streaming platforms. Additionally, she also released the song’s official music video on YouTube. Shortly after, the rapper hopped on Instagram Live to chop it up with her fans.

During the stream, the rapper explained that she never said the song was an “homage song.”

“I didn’t say the song was no homage song — didn’t nobody say that. Y’all just be jumping to conclusions, then be mad at me,” she said. “B***h, I ain’t never say that – the f**k?”

Latto went on to say that there’s a “jab” in the song. However, she never said “Sunday Service” was a diss song.

“I never said that song was paying homage in the song. Blogs said, ‘Latto’s new track dah dah dah,’ I’m reading this s**t like, ‘Who the f**k said that?’” she continued. “…Y’all need to be mad at y’all self for believing your own assumptions; I ain’t never said that song was no diss song.”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to weigh in on Latto’s clarification.

Instagram user @t.jxox wrote, Its not a diss song but you pulled up to ice spice hood with 100 black hearses? 😂”

While Instagram user @kysimonex added, Girl this is giving back peddling. Just say it your chest and that’s it 😭”

Instagram user @blissbriii wrote,Yall don’t listen and jump to conclusions. I’m not lotto’s biggest fan but i don’t dislike her either. They asked why she posted a photo of all the faces. It was in her music video – she explain what the photo was- what the faces was. That’s it. She never said the entire song is paging homage to them. But she did say the photo was and she even said even the ppl she’s beefed with is in the photo. She was being nice yall are dragging it. And she had 1 line directed to ice spice. Let it go. I guarantee you if she actually makes a diss song for ice YOU’LL know.”

While Instagram user @xotanye added, so the cover was a homage but not the song? lol where’s the correlation”

Instagram user @fvmous remarked, How is it not a diss song?? Like girl say it with yo chest ICE SPICE DID”

While Instagram user @urfaveforeign wrote, What Latto do to get all this hate 🤦🏽‍♀️😩”

A Brief Recap Of Latto’s Speculated Feud With Ice Spice

As The Shade Room previously reported, the rumored beef between Ice Spice and Latto appeared to escalate back in January. At the time, Latto shared a TikTok video teasing a snippet of ‘Sunday Service.’

At one point in the video, she raps, “I just want a one-on-one, don’t know why she so nervous,” as a music video of Ice Spice is featured in the back.


Basically a virgin fr 🤓 #fyp

♬ original sound – BigLatto

Earlier this month, Ice Spice addressed her surprise cameo in Latto’s snippet. Additionally, she explained that the snippet prompted her to release her latest single, ‘Think U The S**t (Fart).’

“I’m in the back of your weak a** snippet. Like, that’s why I was confused. So I was like, ‘Wait a second, that’s me?’ I’m like, ‘Okay, since we’re talking about me’ — and I dropped that,” she explained.

During the discussion, Ice was even asked how she feels about allegedly surpassing Latto in monthly listeners on Spotify.

“Get off the floor,” she said, seemingly referring to Latto’s single ‘Put It On Da Floor.’

Soon after, footage surfaced of Latto shooting the music video for ‘Sunday Service’ in Ice Spice’s hometown, the Bronx, New York.

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From there, Latto appeared to stir reactions after she released the cover art for ‘Sunday Service.’ The artwork features crossed-out faces of fellow female rappers Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliot, Coi Leray, Ice Spice, and more.

Swipe below to watch Latto’s clarification about the song, a portion of the music video, and some of the lyrics she included.

At this time, Ice Spice has not publicly reacted to the release of Latto’s song or music video. However, during a recently-released interview on ‘Million Dollaz of Game,’ Latto explained that she didn’t intentionally include Ice Spice in her TikTok video snippet.

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