Latto Reacts, Receives Criticism For Clowning Brooklyn Nikole

Latto has shared her reaction after receiving criticism for clowning her sister, Brooklyn Nikole, in a viral video.

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Here’s Why Latto & Her Sister Went Viral

On Monday, May 6, Latto took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share a video with fans. As the clip began, Latto referred to her sister as “Ms. Shein” while pointing back at her.

Nikole stood behind her, flaunting an all-read leather outfit, seemingly unbothered by her sister’s comment.

However, the rapper continued her jokes.

“Baby, if you got on Shein, then — if you got on Shein,” she said before getting distracted and redirecting her attention to her sister’s pink Chanel handbag. “And this Chanel is from DH gate, I’m not ‘gon lie.”

Nikole denied her sister’s comments and implied that her bag was exclusive. However, Latto continued going in.

“You know why they can’t get it? ‘Cause it ain’t in the Chanel store,” Latto said.

Furthermore, the rapper captioned the video by tagging her sister’s X account and adding:


Check out the viral clip below.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users reacted to Latto’s comments about her sister in The Shade Room’s comment section. Some appeared to feel that the rapper wrongly went in on her sister.

Instagram user @_msbossy30_ wrote, The hate be in the small jokes. sister or not smh”

While Instagram user @cie_a_stallion added, Naw, this was lame of her 😒 cause if you’re pressed about her purse, then buy her a real one. You can see she was uncomfortable and anybody who did see it is weird.”

Instagram user @famous.jacks wrote, I’d never play with my blood siblings or close friends like this in front of camera”

While Instagram user @satynsade added, This was corny… very corny… you don’t do this for the public, EVER.”

Instagram user @letralove1 wrote, When your in middle school and your friend tries to clown you to impress some guys 😅 but all they do is expose how they really feel in their heart. 🥹🤧 ok bye.”

While Instagram user @shebeatsbeauty added, Just like her friend said ‘that’s not nice.’”

Instagram user @satisfieddoll wrote, I’m sure 80-90% of your supporters wear SHEIN 🥴 all jokes not meant for the internet 😮‍💨”

While Instagram user @honey_love623 added, Wow with sisters like that who needs enemies”

Instagram user @bianca2lovely wrote,Me and my sister would have fought because why you playing with me on camera like that”

However, others found Latto’s remarks to be all in good fun.

Instagram user @getfit_withkourt__ wrote, This is what sisters do, clown each other lol”

While Instagram user @justicenarie added, yall dont f*** around wit yall siblings like dis ??”

Instagram user @miaray wrote, Yall won’t even let ppl crack jokes with their siblings…tough crowd lol”

While Instagram user @_dymonddd added, Y’all must really not pay attention to her and her sister relationship”

Lil Duval wrote, If you can’t pick on your siblings who can you pick on? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 yall just soft af”

Latto Reacts To The Backlash Alongside Her Sister Brooklyn Nikole

Latto even stepped into The Shade Room’s comment section with her own reaction to the criticism.

“Yall think this bad yall should see how we talk to each other when the cameras off 😂😂😂😂😂😂”

Meanwhile, Brooklyn Nikole took to her Instagram Story to seemingly back up Latto’s claim about their playful relationship. The younger sister posted a clip of her and Latto dancing, captioned with: “Us on our way to flame eachother again.”
As for those who seemingly took offense to Latto clowning the Shein retail store, the rapper took to X to seemingly let it be known that her remarks about not shopping there were all in fun.

Latto posted a screenshot of what looks to be her recent order from Shein. The screenshot shows that the rapper dropped a $400 bag on various items from the online website.

Additionally, Latto wrote, “Plot twist” in her tweet’s caption.

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