Lauren London Speaks On Anniversary Of Nipsey Hussle’s Death

Roomies, Lauren London is reminiscing five years after the passing of Nipsey Hussle. The actress took to social media with a tribute post for her late love on his death anniversary (March 31).

As previously reported, in 2019, Eric Holder gunned down the ‘Double Up’ rapper outside of Nipsey’s clothing store in South Central Los Angeles.

Last year, in February, Judge H. Clay Jacke sentenced Holder to 60 years to life in prison for shooting Nipsey and two other men.

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Lauren London Speaks On Late Boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle

Lauren shared a single photo of Nipsey wearing a black-and-white tracksuit. Her caption revealed that his death still hits home for her.

“If you know me, you know March is always tough for me. 31 days of holding my breath,” she wrote. “This day decided to fall on Easter Sunday this 2024. Interesting….considering your name.”

For context, Nipsey’s birth name, Ermias, translates to “God Will Rise.” Lauren London added in the caption, “Energy never dies…I love you. Eternal.”

Just over a month before Nipsey died, GQ Magazine featured Hussle and Lauren London in a beautiful spread about their love, their life together, and their timeless careers.

They started talking in the IG DMs after she bought copies of his $100 mixtape for her coworkers in 2013. In their five years together, they welcomed a son named Kross. Nipsey was also a father to his daughter, Emani.

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In the years since his death, Lauren has publicly supported efforts to further the rapper’s legacy, including his Marathon brand and empowerment energy. Most recently, she’s also opened up about the pain of losing him and parenting amid grief.

In an interview with Angie Martinez, released in November, she spoke about trying not to rob her sons, Kross and her eldest son, Kam, of having a ” healthy joyful mom.”

“I feel like after going through something very traumatic… it opened me up to everything that ever happened in my life, and so instead of being so vulnerable, I’m like cracked up,” London explained. “I cannot go back to who I was in the past; I just have to keep going. So I’ve been on this very intentional healing journey for four years now.”

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