LeBron James Dances To Kendrick Lamar’s Drake Diss ‘Like That’

LeBron James was spotted two-stepping to Kendrick Lamar’s Drake diss ‘Not Like Us.’

HotNewHipHop reports the legendary LA Laker was vibing out to Kenny’s record, and some fans wonder about the current state of the “brother’s” relationship.

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LeBron was dancing to the record in a recently shared video. However, his lil’ jig raised the question: Is the baller and rapper’s relationship intact?

Drake and LeBron have seemingly had a strong friendship, per USA Today. The Toronto rapper signed a deal in 2019 with Bron’s digital platform Uninterrupted. The contract launched a Canadian entity, making it the brand’s first international expansion. Additionally, Drizzy has openly supported Bron.

However, some fans think James is taking heed to Kendrick’s advice on his diss record ‘Meet The Grahams.” On the track, Lamar warns James and seemingly Steph Curry to keep their loved ones far from Drizzy.

“Ayy, LeBron, keep the family away, hey, Curry, will you keep the family away?

To anybody that embody the love for their kids, keep the family away.

They lookin’ at you too if you standin’ by him, keep the family away.

I’m lookin to shoot through any pervert that lives, keep the family way.”

In addition, the 36-year-old alleges the Toronto rapper is “a sick man with sick thoughts” and stated, “him and Weinstein should get f***** up in a cell for the rest of they life.”

On another occasion, LeBron was spotted vibing out during warm-ups in the play-in tournament to ‘Like That.’ In the song by Future and Kendrick, the LA rapper takes shots at Drake.

Roommates React To LeBron James’ Two-Step

@askmelater97 said, “Kendrick said in euphoria ‘yo bron keep the family away’ Drake is odd and I think people have this deal with him because he was a star but they know deep dwon taht he’s a weirdo.”

“Drake somewhere burning his jersey,” @boojee said.

@imitationbyjerell quipped, “Lawd, folks can’t even dance anymore!”


X Users React To Bron’s Dancing To ‘Like That’

Many commenters on X surmised Drake had to be bothered by Bron shimmying to the beat.

Has Bron picked a side, or was he simply enjoying the infectious beat that seems to have everybody bouncing right now?

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