Legal Team Respond To Harassment Lawsuit

Megan Thee Stallion’s legal team has responded to the claims from a recent lawsuit against her from a former employee.

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Megan’s Legal Team Shuts Down Alleged Accusations

In a new court filing obtained by Rolling Stone, Megan’s lawyers, Mari Henderson and Alex Spiro say “there is no truth” to the “fabricated” and “outlandish” claims of sexual harassment and labor code violations made by her former cameraman, Emilio Garcia.

Rolling Stone acquired Meg’s lawyers’ formal response to Garcia’s complaints. Both Henderson and Spiro stand firm on their beliefs that Garcia  is making an “employment claim for money.”

“Plaintiff is a con artist who is manipulating the judicial system to act as his publicist and bullhorn in a desperate attempt to boost his failed singing career while trying to tear down the successful career of Megan thee Stallion,” Henderson and Spiro reportedly wrote. “Throughout his tenure as an independently contracted photographer and videographer for Ms. Pete and her production companies…(Garcia) repeatedly falsified his invoices and overcharged Ms. Pete for services he never completed and sought reimbursements for money he never spent.”

According to the outlet, the lawyers have called Garcia’s suit “factually and legally frivolous.”

“Angry at the loss of this high-profile gig and his exile from the inner circles of stardom, (Garcia) filed a factually and legally frivolous complaint. (He) took a run of the mill wage and labor dispute and trumped up his frivolous claims with sensationalist false allegations of sex, debauchery, and workplace harassment for the sole purpose of creating a media firestorm to tarnish the career and reputation of Ms. Pete,” the lawyers reportedly asserted.

Billboard adds that Megan’s lawyers have argued that Garcia’s suit was wrongly filed in a California state court. However, he and Megan have no connection to the state as Garcia reportedly lives in Texas while Megan resides in Florida.

Furthermore, the lawyers are reportedly seeking to have the case “moved to federal court.”

More Details On The Lawsuit & Allegations Against Megan

As The Shade Room previously reported, Garcia filed a harassment lawsuit against Megan on April 23. He worked for the hip hop star between 2018 and 2023. Emilio alleges in his complaint that Megan failed to pay him overtime, made derogatory statements about him, and once engaged in sexual contact with a woman while in an SUV in June 2022. According to Garcia, the incident occurred during a trip to Ibiza, Spain in June 2022. After the trip, he claims that Megan told him, “Don’t ever discuss what you saw.” He also mentioned that she fat-shamed him with several insults during the trip, including calling him a “fat b***h.”

As explained by Rolling Stone, Garcia also says in the lawsuit that he was terminated due to his complaints about payments and hour issues. Furthermore, he reveals that he was fired the night before a gig after confiding in Megan’s makeup artist about his mistreatment.

NBC News reports that the total amount Emilio is seeking from Megan exceeds six figures. He is reportedly pursuing interest on unpaid wages and overtime wages, as well as any inflicting damages from the Houston rapper. He also asking that Meg cover his attorney fees.

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