Lil Baby & Dreezy Address Speculation Of Sharing Same Home

Lil Baby and Dreezy are setting the record straight after social media users speculated they shared the same residence while at Coachella.

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Here’s What Prompted The Speculation

On Monday, April 15, Lil Baby took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos. In the pictures, he held a large stack of money and posed in the outdoor area of what appeared to be a lavish residence.

In the caption of his photos, he added, “Told My Mama Ain’t No Mo Getting Put Out 🙌🏽”

Then, a few hours later, Dreezy took to Instagram to share a video on her Instagram Story. Social media users couldn’t help but notice that the scenery she showed appeared to be the same residence that Lil Baby had posted.

Check out the similarities between their posts below.

In response, some users appeared to believe something was brewing between the two artists.

Instagram user @exclusivelycarag wrote, He was helping her with the groceries.”

While Instagram user @giobabbie_ added,He like them dark skin and petite .. it makes me sad but I respect it 😂”

Meanwhile, others chalked up their instance to just a coincidence.

Instagram user @_blue.w.m_ wrote, Yall act like People can’t be friends and take pics at the same house tho 😑…”

While Instagram user @destodubb added, “Y’all burnt out, it’s Coachella everybody and they momma been to that house it’s a rental”


Lil Baby & Dreezy Clear The Air

In response, Lil Baby and Dreezy stepped into The Shade Room’s comment section to set the record straight themselves. Baby wrote:

“Same house different days y’all be reaching to hard”

While Dreezy added:

“🧢🧢🧢 Yall are reaching! That’s the homie!!”

Despite their clarification, however, some users still found the pair’s responses to be conflicting.

Instagram user @tre_justtre wrote,She tryna say it’s cordial…he tryna say it neva happened 🤦🏾‍♂️ lol”

While Instagram user @1partyboi_duece added, Sometimes trying to clear something up makes it more clear 😂”

Instagram user wrote,Guess they wasn’t on the same page with the made up story😭”

Lil Baby Recently Prompted Dating Speculation With Another Woman

This isn’t the first time Lil Baby has prompted dating speculation recently. Last week, the rapper was recorded at a lunch outing with his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his youngest child, Jayda Cheaves.

In the clip, viewers watched as Cheaves and Baby left the restaurant together.

As a result, many social media users believed the pair were back-involved with one another romantically. However, Cheaves quickly took to social media to address the speculation.

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