Lil’ Kim Fuels Dating Speculation After Viral Video With Tayy Brown

Lil’ Kim has fueled dating speculation after hopping on Instagram Live alongside a particular rapper.

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More Details On The Viral Video Of Lil’ Kim & Her Speculated Boo

On Saturday, April 13, Instagram user @livebitez shared footage, apparently from Lil’ Kim’s recent Instagram Live. In the clip, the rapper appears rocking black sunglasses and an Adidas fit.

Additionally, rapper Tayy Brown appeared alongside her and seemed to put his arm around her.

Lil’ Kim began explaining to viewers that she attended an Adidas party and showed off her full outfit.

“This is Adidas. Let me show you,” she said while turning her back to the camera and speaking to Brown. “…Can you see it, babe? Wait, make sure you can see it ’cause I can’t.”

Check out the clip below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to the clip of the 49-year-old and the young rapper in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @trinutyunity wrote, She is 50 YEARS OLD and he is 24 YEARS OLD. Ya’ll going to call her a PREDATOR like ya’ll did Draya??”

While Instagram user @_____juniebjones__ added,I’m sorry but why does it look like he could be her kid”

Instagram user @brownskinned_doll wrote,A 24 year old can’t do nothing for me but turn 25.”

While Instagram user @itsquooo added, The age gaps been gapping this year ain’t it 😂😂😂”

Instagram user @ratchetrome wrote, Now Kimberly ..”

While Instagram user @prettyassmarley added, Maybe my man ain’t even born yet….😂”

Instagram user @plxinjane3 wrote, Ya’ll dragged Draya, so let’s see how ya’ll finna act about this 😭”

While Instagram user @diamondisfabulous added, Chiiiiile, a 24 yr old can’t do nothing for me but teach me all the Tik Tok trends and be my camera man 📸😆…these women might be on to something 🤣”

The Rapper Sparked Dating Speculation In February

As The Shade Room previously reported, Lil’ Kim initially sparked dating speculation with Tayy Brown on February 26. At the time, the rapper wished Brown a happy birthday via Instagram and explained that she was “blessed” to spend his “whole birthday” alongside him.

“I was blessed enough to spend ur whole birthday with U and we’re still celebrating… Our bond is so perfectly matched in the most organic way. I kno it was God that brought us 2gether. If ppl only knew how big of a role u play in my life and in my career. If they only knew ur a big part of the reason the beehive is getting new music right now. U are my motivation and that voice that is always cheering me on,” she wrote at the time.

Additionally, Kim spoke about the “unconditional love” she and Brown share and posted a video of them.

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