Lil Scrappy Defends Papoose Amid Rumors Of Remy Ma Cheating

Lil Scrappy isn’t feeling how the public responds to men versus women involved in cheating scandals. Scrappy recently took to social media to call out the infidelity rumors surrounding Remy Ma and Papoose.

Scrap let loose as he questioned why Papoose wasn’t being met with more supportive energy.

“When men do some sh*t, man woman stand up from all mountains of the Earth. They stand up. Oh, why would he do this sh*t? But we ain’t heard nothing about what happened to Papoose,” Scrappy said.

For context, days before 2023 ended, a circulating audio clip reignited breakup rumors between Remy and Pap. Folks online had already questioned their relationship status for the majority of 2023.

However, in this particular clip, a voice allegedly belonging to Eazy The Block Captain disclosed he had slept with another man’s woman. He name-dropped the woman, calling her Rem.

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The name-drop riled fans up as this wasn’t the first time Remy and Eazy were linked. In June, she shut down reports that Papoose had gotten into a physical altercation with Eazy over her. Then in September, Geechi Gotti accused Eazy of hooking up with Remy despite her marriage being a “symbol for Black love” and Pap sticking beside her while she was locked up.

Eazy later alleged on Instagram that the audio clip was “edited.”

Scrappy Says Nobody Is Standing Up For Papoose

Scrappy spoke passionately while defending Papoose. He suggested that no one is offering Pap the same energy they’d offer a Black woman in his shoes.

“Ain’t nobody standing up for Papoose saying, ‘Aw man, we’re sorry that sh*t happened to you, shawty did you dirty.’ We ain’t hear none of that sh*t…because ain’t nobody trying to stand up. And they talking ’bout the Black woman is the most unprotected person on the motherf**king Earth when n****s dying daily.”

After repeating that Black men are dying daily, Scrappy clarified that he’s standing up for the Black woman AND the Black man. He then pointed at podcast hosts encouraging men to give their women elevated treatment. Scrap suggested those hosts might’ve dealt with great women, but that that’s not the case for everyone.

“But I know some real evil motherf**king women, I know some real evil women. I done been an evil man before. So guess what? I have to stand up for both.”

He added that while he understands there are bad men out here, he feels that also applies to women.

Watch the clip below.

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