Man Goes Viral After Explaining On Social Media

The “Black Wife Effect” is currently trending on social media thanks to many men claiming their Black wives upgraded their appearance.

Distractify reports that white men who are in partnerships with Black women are revealing the drastic physical transformation they had after meeting their spouses.

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What Is “The Black Wife Effect”?

Kolter Bouchard has one of the most popular TikTok videos praising his wife, Dom, for his improved look. It racked up more than 4 million views on the app.

The content creator shows photos of his style before and after he met his wife in the video, stating, “The Black wife effect is real, okay. This is something that needs to be studied in universities.”

He continued, “I don’t believe in much, but I believe in the Black wife effect, and soon you will too.”

Bouchard proceeds to roast the photos of himself before Dom entered his life.

“I look like if Machine Gun Kelly was anemic. I look like Water Gun Kelly,” he quipped.

Kolter continued, “How do I look like a little boy and an old woman at the same time? This should be an illegal build.”

Additionally, he cracked jokes on his hairstyle.

“Who parted my hair, Moses?” he stated.

The photos then transition to his elevated look.

“Enter the Black wife, which I do every chance I get,” he joked.

“You can’t tell me that’s not a miracle. You can’t tell me that’s not an improvement.

What? Do you see this? Call me a leaky ceiling ’cause I got the drip.”

He said the “Black Wife Effect” deserved a “Pulitzer,” “Nobel Prize,” and “Oscar.”

“Give it a Tony, make it an EGOT,” he quipped.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to the man’s viral video in The Shade Room’s comment section.

“Dr. Umaaaarrr just wanted to know if you saw this,” @paris_n_october joked.

@zen_empress stated, “black women in general will elevate anything we get our hands on.”

“Truth be told…The Black Wife Effect is true regardless of her husband’s race,” @ambitiousbaddie stated.

Black women just have that magic. Sprinkle, sprinkle.

Check out Kolter’s transformation below:

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