Man Inappropriately Touches Stunna Girl On Stage, Fight Ensues

A man believed to be Stunna Girl‘s husband, RichMula, confronted a fan who inappropriately touched her on stage. The recent confrontation quickly escalated into a brawl.

According to HotNewHipHop, the rapper’s concert came to a halt after the chaotic fight ensued.

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So, What Happened With Stunna Girl?

Stunna was performing her song ‘Stand Up’ when a man slapped her butt as she walked across the stage. She looked back at the man, pointed at him, and seemingly smirked.

The rapper recited a few more lyrics and then informed her alleged husband that the man inappropriately touched her.

RichMula pointed to the man in the audience wearing all black. He jumped off the stage and the men stood eye to eye as they spoke.

Another man, seemingly a part of RichMula’s crew, grabbed the alleged assaulter from behind by his neck. Stunna Girl’s husband fell as the man struggled to break loose. Eventually, he was able to free himself but was subsequently pinned on the ground. RichMula punched him in the back as the man attempted to cover himself.

In a video posted to X, formerly known as Twitter, a fan watching the fight can be heard saying, “He slapped her a**.” Another replied, “I know…”

Additionally, Stunna Girl came off stage and seemingly hit him in the head with her microphone. Furthermore, she appeared to kick the man in the side and on his back. Others attempted to break up the fight.

Roommates & Richmula React

@danitrenese wrote, “Idk why ppl be playing with Stunna knowing her man DONT PLAY about her.”

“STOP. TOUCHING. WOMEN. WITHOUT. CONSENT! Especiallyyyyyy IF IT AINT YO GIRL!!! Her HUSBAND acted accordingly,” @niknikcourtney added.

@umtheonlyone stated, “I mean it’s never right to hurt someone like that but he literally assaulted her, he had it coming.”

@rokmatic_ink quipped, “[Richmula] should’ve jumped off stage with a wrestling move and landed on him.”

On Sunday, RichMula reportedly reacted to the incident on his Instagram Story, per HNHH.

“Love my team kuz if it was up to me [shushing face emoji],” he wrote. “Thank dem for holding me. Always the aggressor God ain’t want me to catch another [skull and crossbones emoji].”

Check out a clip from the chaotic scene below:

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