Marcy Diaz Accuses Ella Bands Of Dating Ex

A Boogie has shared a message after his longtime on-and-off girlfriend, Ella Bands, was accused of being with another man.

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Here’s How The Accusations Against Ella Bands Surfaced & How She Reacted

On Wednesday, April 17, an influencer named Marcy Diaz took to her Instagram Story. Diaz shared a photo of Ella sitting next to a man and smiling.

In a follow-up post, Diaz shared her frustration with Ella.

“And why I’m mad at ELLA is because like I said I used her a brand ambassador a few times for both my businesses !  When she come to Miami she always ask me for recommendations on makeup artists ! Hair stylist ! And more!!!!… Like I said I would never look at her dude like that when they break up every month ! Cause I wasn’t raised like that!!!” she wrote.

From there, Diaz tagged A Boogie’s Instagram account and wrote: “Get YA BABY MOMS SON”

In response, Ella took to her Instagram Story and shared audio from Lady Saw’s 2004 hit single, “I’ve Got Your Man.”

Furthermore, Diaz even took to her Instagram feed to share footage of Ella speaking about her desire for “stability” in her life.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Diaz’s accusations and Ella’s response.

Instagram user @naomishort_ wrote, Ella response was diabolical 😂”

While Instagram user @aysiahx added, woulda took the whole USA military to get me off ella after she used that song”

Instagram user @joli.vega wrote,Ella thought she ate, but this is pathetic actually. She clearly treated her like a real girlfriend, but she had to go & mess with her man. Come on sis, do better!”

While Instagram user @_londonlovesme added, Some of yall on Ella side are not girls girls . & yall the type of women I stay away from cause Chile ain’t nothing cute about smiling in my face but looking at my man behind my back , but hey 😮‍💨🤗”

Instagram user @baddiiebri wrote,Where is Aboogie & his hoodie?”

While Instagram user @yonniemariee_ added,Ella ate her up w that song 😂😂”

Instagram user @_suckafreesi wrote, Responding to a paragraph with a song and EATING the girl up? Ella Bands for president”

While Instagram user @_therealchanelle97 added, For those who said ‘ Ella ate her up ‘ just shows me what type of people yall are 😂😂😂😂😂”

Instagram user @hara.jukubarbieeee wrote, Ella is playing with this girl 😂 she don’t mess with that man”

While Instagram user @inviteonlyyyy__ added,Lmao I’m sorry Ella killed her with that song 🤣😂😭”

Instagram user @thedondolly_ wrote,😂😂😂 The song took it”

While Instagram user @blacbardee added,We about to get that old boogie back yall 😮‍💨🔥”

A Boogie Reacts With A Now-Deleted Message

Later on Wednesday, A Boogie took to his Instagram Story with a brief message on the matter.

“IM REALLY DTB [Don’t Trust B*****s] FOR LIFE LOL,” he wrote. “B*****S BE WORST THAN N****S”

As of Thursday, April 18, Ella Bands has yet to share additional reactions to Diaz or publicly react to A Boogie’s message.

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