Marlon Wayans Weighs In On Katt Williams’ Dress Comments

Marlon Wayans is sharing his thoughts on a conversation sparked by Katt Williams about Black men wearing dresses in Hollywood. As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams went viral earlier this month after an interview on the ‘Club Shay Shay’ podcast.

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Here’s What Marlon Wayans Said

According to a clip shared on Instagram on Wednesday, January 18, Wayans appeared as a guest on Los Angeles’ Real 92.3 radio show, ‘The Cruz Show.’

In the clip, the actor was asked to share his thoughts on the “Black men putting on a dress conversation.”

“You talking to a Black man that put on a dress — I don’t know, that conversation to me is silly because it’s a negative thing that is only in Black people,” Wayans explained. “We have, for some reason, been programmed to look down on the craziest parts of our experience…”

Additionally, Wayans explained that he feels Black people are told not to “embrace” their “heroes” or “different levels of comedy.” Meanwhile, white actors, such as Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman, have also donned female roles. However, they are embraced by their community and given accolades.

“When Black people put on dresses, all of a sudden, we’re labeled — by our own people — like, something negative,” he continued.

Then, the actor referred to the classic film ‘White Chicks,’ where he and his brother Shawn Wayans starred as two white female characters.

“It’s a classic, I don’t care what nobody says, it’s a classic,” he explained. “That whole thing about, ‘You put on a dress and you selling out,’ that is not an artist mindset.”

Watch Wayans’ full sentiments below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Wayan’s thoughts.

Instagram user @indeskribeabull wrote.

“I don’t believe wearing a dress for comedic purposes emasculates, Black men. But I do get tired of seeing men in general throwing on a wig and dress, and then mocking Black women to profit off of the exaggerated characters.”

While Instagram user @thatsgregsavage added.

“If they start it off with ‘itsa itsa itsa’ he bout to say sum bullshit 😂”

Instagram user @iamjulito wrote.

“Yall gon fight, beg and plead to wear them dresses boy, I tell ya”

While rapper Lil Mama added.

“I think the conversation is more around being approached to wear a dress that comes with a humiliation price tag. High Millions and a pep talk. The pressure of ‘Hollywood’ to compromise your masculine power for a price(When you’re ASKED TO). Not someone willing wearing one…”

Instagram user @nifuate wrote.

“The KATT EFFECT is in effect‼️ 🍿🍿”

While Instagram user @goldthoughts_ added.

“Katt got them all feeling a way😂”

Additionally, former NFL player Terrell Owens even posed a reply to Wayans.

“But they’re winning awards(OSCARS at that) while wearing dresses when black actors aren’t and definitely not revered as being brilliant.”

Instagram user @stormypea wrote,

“Y’all screaming about the attack on black masculinity but y’all don’t have this same smoke about the drug dealer tv shows, prisoner or fein roles. Just say what you really wanna say & go”

User @thnotoriousbxtch100 let it be known in all caps that Marlon made a point,


More Details Regarding Katt Williams’ Initial Comments On The Matter

As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams opened up about setting a “standard” for his acting career during his almost three-hour-long viral interview with Sharpe.

During the sitdown, the 52-year-old detailed his opposition to dressing up as a female character on-screen.

He alleged that fellow comedian and actor Martin Lawrence attempted to put him in his “first dress” with a potential role in ‘Big Momma’s House 2.’

“I almost died! And I gotta read this script for all these good white people…” Williams recalled to Sharpe. “And I’m saying to everybody, ‘Why is he in a dress again?’ You already played the old lady… we can play anything now!… Why do we need to be in a dress?”

Williams ultimately rejected the role.

“I said, ‘No, man, I’m not doing it. I have principles, and I have dignity. I don’t want to disrespect myself or my people.’ He said, ‘Well, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. You could be a star.’ I said, ‘I’m already a star. I don’t need to wear a dress to be funny,” Williams told Sharpe, per Black America Web.

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