Mase And Cam’ron React To The Passing Of O.J. Simpson (Video)

Ma$e and Cam’ron shared their love for O.J. Simpson and the loss they felt after learning of his passing.

Complex reports, the rappers discussed their feelings on their podcast ‘It Is What It Is.’

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The musical pair paid tribute on their Friday (April 13) show to O.J. — born Orenthal James Simpson — and discussed their relationship with the infamous figure. Treasure ‘Stat Baby’ Wilson began the conversation, stating, “It’s a very sad day.”

On April 11, OJ’s family announced he died from cancer the day prior. He was 76 years old.

Mase & Cam’ron Share Their Thoughts About O.J.’s Passing

Ma$e said he was “at a loss for words.” Additionally, he shared that it didn’t seem real.

The 48-year-old said, “For me, it’s a real surreal moment because I definitely was looking forward to OJ next season.”

He continued, “I had a lot of great ideas that I was talking with Cam about earlier in the year about other shows that we were gonna do with OJ Simpson, so this is a real touching moment for me.”

Mase was clearly bothered by the news. In addition, he took time to compose himself.

The ‘Been Around The World’ rapper said, “I need a moment to get all my thoughts together but I have a lot I want to share and I wanna make sure it comes from the right place. Pause.”

Cam took the reigns and shared that he had a great time collaborating with the former football pro.

He said, “I just wanna say it was great working with O.J.” 

“He’ll truly be missed and I loved him like a real, real uncle, so I’m really sorry this happened. At the end of the day, I’m glad that we did get to spend the last few months with him,” Cam added.

Cam Defended Their Choice To Have O.J. On The Podcast

Ma$e and Cam faced backlash for having OJ on the show. The Heisman Trophy winner was tried in 1995 for murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend Ron Goldman.

In December 2023, the Harlem lyricist stated, “Look, if he was guilty, we wouldn’t have him on the show.” Cam continued, “Y’all want to keep convicting an innocent man.”

Check out their discussion below:


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