Meek Mill Talks Resurfaced “Bunny Hops” Video With Mike Rubin

Chile! Meek Mill can’t seem to stay away from viral status! From letting his X (formerly Twitter) fingers fly to sharing unintentionally hilarious content, the Philly rapper is a regular in the trending tab.

Meek Mill Explains Resurfaced Video Bunny Hops Michael Rubin

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Why Is Meek Mill Trending Now?

Most recently, Meek got a ton of reactions after a video resurfaced of him doing “bunny hops” for Fanatics founder Michael Rubin. The ‘Dreams & Nightmares’ artist explained that he was participating in a game he invented while imprisoned.

For context, the last time Mill was behind bars was in 2017. He had received a two-to-four-year prison sentence for violating his probation from a 2008 gun and drug case, per CBS News. Meek spent about five months jailed until the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered his immediate release.

 “This is a game I started from prison we used to make killers do bunny hops when they loss because it was too hostile for money,” he wrote on X on Tuesday (May 14).

As mentioned, the resurfaced video shows Meek doing over 20 bunny hops around a tennis court. It appears he had lost a match to Rubin, whom he name-dropped in his X post. Additionally, he linked a relevant YouTube video.

“…This be us!! Ima get Rubin to bunny hop for me okay lol ima teach him d thang hop!”

Watch the viral clip and see his response below. 

Social Media Reacts

In The Shade Room’s comment section, the roomies had plenty to say about Meek Mill’s bunny hops. wrote, “How hard is it to say I lost a bet in a tennis match and whoever lost har to do bunny hops?” 

@wavyboygee added, “Saying he started it while in prison actually makes the allegations worse.” 

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@topwavers wrote, “Ion know if that was a good analogy Meek. Jail and men doing bunny hops. Not a good visual.” 

@greg_d47 said, “I’ve been around killers my whole life. None of them are bunny hopping fam.” 

@king_leiyaah joked, “He was the prison event coordinator y’all chill.” 

@dessyyyy_nii also told a jokey joke, writing, “I’m going tell my kids that this is who the Easter Bunny is.” 

As mentioned, Meek Mill has been going viral for the better part of the year. This month, in particular, he has trended on social media at least three to four times. Last week, he went viral for popping out in an interesting outfit, including a see-through, long-sleeve top.

Earlier this week, he caught folks’ attention after showing off his vacation look!

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