Memphis Police Investigate Photos Of Minor Waxing Nude Woman

Memphis police are investigating pictures of a minor waxing a woman’s private area.

According to Baller Alert, a woman uploaded the photos of her alleged daughter performing the service. In addition, the outlet has reportedly stated that she has been identified. However, The Shade Room cannot confirm this information.

Photos Surface Of Minor Child Waxing A Nude Woman

The photos were reportedly uploaded to Instagram last week by a mother who offers waxing services at her salon.

The caption of the carousel post stated that the child was helping get the job done.

“When I said I’m passing down seeds and LLCs to my creations I mean that,” the caption read.

Furthermore, it was asserted that the little girl had helped wax a total of 24 clients in one day, earning $744 in 10 hours.

“She literally helped me wax 24 clients starting from 7:25-5pm,” the alleged mother and owner of the salon added, per FOX16. “She made a total of $744 and I’m going to put the money toward whatever her future dreams and aspirations are.”

However, it wasn’t just people in the comment section who were bothered and angered by the post as the photos were quickly shared over on X.

People struggled to comprehend how someone would allow a young girl to help wax adult clients.

In one photo, a woman is seen with her legs spread wide open in front of the girl. Understandably, the widely shared post had sparked severe concerns about the woman’s alleged parenting.

The Investigation Remains Active

Needless to say, the Memphis Police Department has confirmed that the matter had been reported to them.

“Please DO NOT screen save or forward these images to law enforcement or anyone. Please do not download or upload these images in any way,” they said in a tweet shared to X.

In addition to the current investigation conducted by law enforcement, MPD has contacted the Department of Children’s Services.

Furthermore, the department’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force has taken on the case. Additionally, they’ve since issued an advisory urging people not to save or distribute the images.

Instead, they encouraged anyone who comes across the photos to report them to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

While the investigation by the Memphis Police Department continues, the story remains a hot topic of conversation on social media.

Some users expressed their outrage at the woman for seemingly placing the child, allegedly her daughter, in such a situation.

Moreover, others have debated the incident’s implications and the potential harm caused to the child.

At this time, the Instagram page where the photos were uploaded appears to be deactivated.

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