Michael B. Jordan Cleared Of Charges In Hollywood Ferrari Crash

Michael B. Jordan has been cleared in an investigation into a Ferrari incident.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Jordan’s sports car crashed into another vehicle in Hollywood, Los Angeles, on December 2.

Michael B. Jordan’s Ferrari Crashes

What was unclear at the time of the investigation was who was behind the wheel when the collision occurred. According to the Daily Mail, police reviewed a video showing the moment Jordan’s Ferrari hit another car.

TMZ reports that Jordan’s vehicle was involved in a race with another Ferrari owner before the driver appeared to lose control and crashed.

Still, the video the Los Angeles Police Department reviewed led them nowhere. It reportedly failed to clearly prove that Jordan was responsible for the incident.

If it had, he might have faced charges for street racing, which is a misdemeanor. Additionally, the clip also didn’t indicate whether the driver was exceeding the speed limit.

Given the lack of evidence, the LAPD reportedly closed the case.

Second Man Involved In Crash Speaks Out

As the news of the crash broke out last month, the owner of the second Ferrari came forward. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tensi Angel recounted his version of the incident.

Angel insisted that he and the other driver were not “speed racing.”

We were revving engines, but we weren’t going fast at all,” he explained. “But those cars, like I said, they take off fast. So, if you hit the pedal you’re gonna [go] zero to 60 [miles per hour] in like two seconds.”

“So we’re revving our engines, and then once we honked the horns, you know, I started picking up speed, probably going about 45 to 50 [miles per hour]. I look back and he wasn’t there anymore.”

Confused and concerned, Angel, who shared no ties to the driver of the blue Ferrari belonging to Jordan, continued on his way. He claims he was oblivious to the incident that had taken place behind him.

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