Michael Blackson Goes In On Katt Williams’ During Stand-Up Show

It looks as if Michael Blackson isn’t done addressing Katt Williams‘ comments about him just yet.

The comedian took to Instagram on Saturday (January 27), sharing a clip from one of his recent comedy shows.

Michael Blackson Goes Off On Katt Williams During Stand-Up Gig

During his stand-up gig, Blackson voiced his thoughts on the comments Williams made about him on Shannon Sharpe‘s ‘Club Shay Shay’ earlier this month.

As fans will recall, the ‘Pimp Chronicles’ star believed that many comedians don’t face enough booing at shows, which he believed had contributed to the development of mediocre acts.

He specifically called out Blackson, referring to him as a “real African” who puts on a “fake African accent.”

Blackson had previously addressed the remark on X, formerly known as Twitter. But this time, he delved into greater detail about what specifically bothered him about the interview.

“F**k Katt Williams. F**k that n***a. I call that n***a cap Williams, motherf***er. That n***a lie so good, he almost convinced me that what he said about me was true,” he said.

Blackson further expressed his confusion at his accent being called into question.

“Talking about I’m a real African with a fake accent — f**k that n***a. He’s a fake pimp with a real perm, b*tch. He gonna talk about he told me to build a school. Who the f**k randomly tells his friend to build a school?”

Williams also told Sharpe that he had read 3,000 books a year between the ages of 8 and 12, and insisted that he was the fastest reader in the world.

But Blackson seemed less than impressed as he branded his fellow comedian a liar. “Lyin’ a** n***a. Talking about he read 3,000 books a year. N***a, for real?” he told the crowd.

“The only thing that n***a read 3,000 times was his Miranda Rights, motherf***er. ‘Cause that n***a got more mugshots than Bobby Brown. […] Okay, f**k that. That n***a head like a black loofah, motherf***er. And he talked about Kevin Hart, but that’s midget on midget crime. I’mma leave that sh*t alone. F**k that sh*t.”

But it didn’t end there, as Blackson shared another video uploaded to Instagram on Sunday (January 28).

The clip, presumed to be from a different stand-up show, saw him invite an audience member he initially mistook for Williams to the stage.

Blackson Previously Responded

Blackson’s feisty words during his stand-up gig come just weeks after he hopped on X to sound off on Williams’ viral interview.

Blackson listed Williams as one of the top 5 living comedians, acknowledging his talent, but noted that he has changed from the person he once was.

Aside from being criticized for his accent, the Ghanaian-Liberian also addressed claims that Williams once advised him to clean up his image if he’s going to call himself the “African King of Comedy.”

“If you gon’ say that [you’re the ‘African King of Comedy’], go get a school,” Williams had told Sharpe.” You gotta put in some work and these guys, they take my advice. They change their whole persona and then, they hate me for it.”

In a light-hearted clapback, Blackson joked that he had actually built a free school, the Michael Blackson Academy, so that children could learn to “whip” Williams for free.

“I can’t believe this lying dehydrated leprechaun said he told me to build a school lmao,” he wrote on X. “I only built a free school so the kids can whip your a** for free Modasucka.”

Blackson further suggested that Williams had deliberately taken shots at the top 10 comedians alive to regain relevancy.

As fans will recall, Williams’ comments didn’t just target Blackson.

Steve Harvey, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Cedric The Entertainer, Ludacris, and Chris Tucker also found themselves caught up in the drama.

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