Mother Goes Viral After Father-In-Law Drinks Her Breast Milk

A mother on Reddit is going viral after seeking advice following a mishap with her breast milk.

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Here’s What Happened With The Mother & Her Breast Milk

On Wednesday, January 24, Reddit user @Admirable_Medicine71 took to the platform to share a discussion under a forum. The forum is titled “AITA,” which stands for “Am I the a**h**e?” and serves as a space for users to share real-life scenarios and ask fellow users if they’re “in the wrong,” per Golf Digest.

In the forum, the mother explained that one of her children is fifteen months old. However, she is still nursing him and uses her breastmilk in his cereal and other recipes she makes for him.

The mother shared that her in-laws are currently staying with her and her family.

One day, she put her son and his high chair, fed him cereal, and “left him to his own devices.” Additionally, she explained that her father-in-law was also in the kitchen.

When she returns, she finds her father-in-law finishing her son’s cereal.

“I laughed a little but went along with my morning,” she continued.

When she and her in-laws all sat down, her father-in-law commented on the milk in her son’s cereal “tasting weird.” He then asked if she noticed that the milk tasted off.

“I then told him that he had breastmilk in his, our milk isn’t off,” she wrote.

More Details On The Father-In-Law’s Reaction

From there, the mother shared that her father-in-law looked like he was going to “keel over and vomit.” He then asked her why she watched him drink the milk without telling him it was her breast milk.

The woman’s mother-in-law also agreed and explained how her husband usually “finishes’ everyones meals.”

Additionally, the mother-in-law agreed that the woman should have been more forthcoming.

“I do agree that I should have at least told him when he was eating but tbh I thought he saw me tip it from the bottle,” the woman went on to explain. ”

My husband is on damage control and has agreed with all of us. He understands all povs etc.”

Ultimately, the woman asked Reddit users, “aita for not telling them I make his cereal with breast milk?”

Reddit Users Weigh In

The woman’s post elicited thousands of responses from Reddit users. Some also believed that the woman should have been forthcoming with her father-in-law.

Reddit user @Confident-Try20 wrote, “You’re not the AH for feeding your child but you are the AH because you saw FIL eating it and LAUGHED instead of saying something… You thought it was amusing….”

While Reddit user @dishonestgandalf added, “Yeah, YTA. You didn’t have any obligation to warn him in advance or anything, but when you saw him eating it, you should have said something immediately.”

While others disagreed.

Reddit user @PanicAtTheGaslight wrote, “Nah, maybe FIL should stop eating other people’s food without asking. Serves him right.”

While Reddit user @ILANAKBALL added, “Honestly who walks around someone’s house just finishing other people’s meals. Like it’s a freaking baby, get your own cereal lol. Also- a little breast milk isn’t gonna hurt him, it’s fine”

Some Reddit users, such as @RubixRube, shared mixed opinions.

“You should have told him immediately when you saw him eating your sons meal that he had breastmilk in the cereal. But also, what full grown adult just helps them to any and all food they just see laying around, especially a baby’s??”

Roomies, what do you think about the mother’s viral mishap?

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