NAACP Reacts Stephen Defending Trump’s “Relatable” Claim

Stephen A. Smith is under fire after defending Donald Trump’s claim that Black people likely find him “relatable” because of his legal troubles.

According to Radar Online, the sports journalist appeared on Fox News and shared his views on Donnie’s comments.

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Stephen Co-Signs Trump’s Words

The 56-year-old said some people were upset that Trump stated, “Black folks find him relatable because of what he is going through is similar to what Black Americans have gone through; he wasn’t lying.”

Stephen asserted, “He was telling the truth.”

“When you see the law, law enforcement, the court system, and everything else being exercised against him it is something that Black folks throughout this nation can relate to,” he continued.

“With some of our historic iconic figures. We’ve seen that happen throughout society. So no matter race, what ethnicity you may emanate from, we relate to you when you’re suffering like that ’cause we know we have. And that’s what he articulated,” Smith insisted.

The NAACP Responds To Smith

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share the organization’s thoughts on Stephen A. Smith’s perspective.

“Relatable? Show of hands: Anyone in your Black family have 88 felony charges pending, filed for bankruptcy 6x, made an attempt to overthrow a presidential election and our democracy, and still have the ability to fall asleep in court and dream of being POTUS?” the tweet read.

Donnie currently has 34 felony charges against him, AP reports.

Trump allegedly falsified business records to pay off an adult film star, mishandled classified information, and obstructed justice.

What Did Trump Say Exactly?

After speaking about his legal charges at The Black Conservative Federation’s awards in February, Donald said, “A lot of people said that’s why Black people like me, because they had been hurt so badly and discriminated against.”

He continued, “And they actually viewed me as I’m being discriminated against…Maybe there’s something it.”

He added, “When I did the mug shot in Atlanta, that mug shot is number one.”

The former president stated Black folks “embraced it more than anyone else” and claimed he’s “being indicted for…the Black population.”

Speaking to the press on Friday after his court proceedings, Trump called the trial a “concerted witch hunt.”

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