‘Naked Brothers Band’ Star Allie DiMeco Talks Nickelodeon Trauma

Former Nickelodeon stars have been in the news cycle heavily in the last week following the premiere of ‘Quiet on Set.’ Now, ‘The Naked Brothers Band’ star Allie DiMeco has joined that line-up. Taking to social media, she detailed an inappropriate experience she felt forced to partake in.

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'Naked Brothers Band' Star Allie DiMeco Talks Nickelodeon Trauma Quiet On Set
David Levi, Allie DiMeco, Nat Wolff, Alex Wolff, Thomas Batuello, and Qaasim Middleton of Nickelodeon’s The Naked Brothers Band appear in-store at the Virgin Megastore on October 8, 2007, in New York City. (Photo by L. Busacca/WireImage)

What Allie DiMeco Alleges Happened On Set Of ‘The Naked Brothers Band’

In a TikTok video, she explained the “stress” she felt watching the documentary. She added that she “had to” watch ‘Quiet on Set.’

“We were in a Danwarp, Dan Schneider pedophile show,” Allie DiMeco said. “We went through trauma, I went through trauma.” 

She alleged that there were multiple instances of trauma, but while watching ‘Quiet on Set,’ her mind kept going to one particular incident. Allie claimed that when she was 14, she was directed to kiss a man in his 30s while filming. At the time, she starred as Rosalina on ‘The Naked Brothers Band’ show.

“There was an episode where Rosalina. She did on that [episode] kinda kiss a French guy…it was a scripted show, and a lot of kids thought that it was a documentary in real life. And people, particularly girls, wanted to fight me in real life. I didn’t have fans because they thought it was real life that I kissed this greasy a**, dusty a** dwarf.”

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Allie Says She & Her Mother Voiced Concerns About The Scripted Kiss

Allie DiMeco went on to film a portion of the episode she referenced. She prefaced by saying she’s “sorry to this man” but clarified that she “did not want to kiss him.”

“I’m 4’11, he’s a 30-year-old man,” she said before skipping through the episode clip. “I’m sorry I couldn’t even watch it. It gave me the ick and it honestly gives me PTSD. I’m watching this ‘Quiet on Set’ documentary, and it’s talking about how integral and vital it is to create…an environment where kids feel comfortable to say ‘No’ or ‘I don’t feel comfortable with this.’” 

While Allie DiMeco says she agrees with that last sentiment, there’s a “more important” standard in her eyes.

“…It’s also more important to create an environment that listens to the kids and actually does not make them do things when they don’t want to do them.” 

Allie claims that she and her mother objected but that she felt her job would be threatened if she didn’t comply.

“They made me kiss this 30-plus-year-old man when I was like, what, 14, 15. I told them many times I didn’t want to do it. My mom was very against it, and they just pretty much made me feel like I was gonna lose my job and be fired if I didn’t do it.”

Ultimately, Allie DiMeco says filming ‘The Naked Brothers Band’ was “great,” but times that “it wasn’t.” She alleges it was an environment also run by nepotism, especially amid the cast and production.

“It was, from what I’m understanding, probably the most healthiest set out of all the Nickelodeon shows. However, it did have a lot of toxic and not-so-healthy aspects. And, yeah, they made me kiss this guy multiple times, and I always got hate for it, and it was like PTSD and trauma. That’s my ‘Quiet on Set’ story, apart from the taking my first kiss away from me.

Swipe below to see what Allie had to say. 

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