NBA YoungBoy Sparks Reactions W/ Concerning Photo

NBA YoungBoy has sparked concern from fans after recently sharing a photo on social media.

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More Details Regarding Concerning Photo Of NBA YoungBoy

On Thursday, February 1, the rapper took to Instagram to share a photo with fans. In the picture, he was seen lying on the ground next to a double styrofoam cup and a spilled bottle of prescription pills.

It remains unclear whether the cup contained a liquid substance. However, it did contain ice.

Additionally, the rapper captioned the picture.

“& that’s why I don’t pick up my phone when it ring” he wrote.

Social Media Reacts

Instagram users immediately took to the rapper’s comment section to share their concerns.

Instagram @chythegreatest wrote, “Bro— what’s going on?”

While Instagram user @natererun added, “ummm you good?”

Instagram user @therealsouthsideju wrote, “Prayin for u”

Additionally, fans also shared their concern in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @queen_drinab wrote,If it’s a cry for help where tf is the help!!🗣️😒”

While Instagram user @straptherapy_ added,lord wrap your arms around him :(“

Instagram user @__.prisca_ wrote, He’s had mental health concerns for years, I don’t believe the people he surrounds himself with listen. Depression is hard even when you have money and it’s hard opening up to others when the people you open up to don’t listen. I hope he get the help he needs .”

See additional reactions from X users by swiping below.

Since sharing the initial photo, the rapper returned to the platform to share another. The picture features a grey background with the text “4 19” followed by “4 TSUKI 19-NICHI.”

The graphic appears to mirror a previous post from NBA YoungBoy, which seems to declare “4 TSUKI 19-NICHI” as his upcoming album.

Furthermore, the rapper has also taken to the platform to share another photo of himself while also sharing an NSFW video.

The Rapper Has Recently Made Headlines

As The Shade Room previously reported, NBA YoungBoy made headlines earlier this month. At the time, he went viral for revealing that he’s “not really big” on fatherhood during an interview.

At the time, the rapper explained that he does “bond a lot” with his children. However, he prefers spending most of his time in the studio.

“See this crazy topic ’cause I’m not the type to sugarcoat nothing. But I’m four walls all day, every day,” the rapper explained, referring to his love for recording music.

Over the weekend, the rapper’s name again made headlines through Floyd Mayweather. On Saturday, January 27, the former professional boxer sent a video message to NBA YoungBoy, letting him know that a big bag was on its way.

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