Nelly Shares Which Era Of Hip Hop Was The “Toughest” (Video)

Nelly isn’t shy about collecting his flowers for his impact on hip hop music in the early 2000s!

In fact, during a recent sit-down on ‘The Shop,’ he confirmed that he has a chip on his shoulder about coming out of St. Louis and reigning like he did during that time.

‘Cause let’s not act like ‘Hot in Herre’ and ‘Dilemma’ didn’t MORE than deserve their wins at the 45th Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2003. But despite killing as soon as he stepped unto the music scene, Nelly told ‘The Shop’ hosts and guests that between 1999 and 2010 was definitely the toughest era to be successful in hip hop. Why? The competition was competing!

“…But you gotta understand, my era of music was the toughest era in hip hop ever, ever. When I put out songs, I had to go against DMX, Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Luda. All of us are fighting for one spot. So from 1999 to like 2008, 2010 is the hardest era ever.”

Watch Nelly’s comment below.

A Look At Nelly’s Impact

As mentioned, Nelly had his foot on the gas pedal when he entered the hip hop scene. His debut album ‘Country Grammer’ saw three songs land within the top 20 on Billboard Hot 100 singles. The song ‘Country Grammar’ also earned the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart.

Though the album landed him two GRAMMY nominations, he ultimately lost out to Eminem. Nonetheless, the project put Nelly — and St. Louis rap, lingo, and swag — on the map.

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To be clear, there had been a few who shook the table before him. That list includes Domino ‘Getto Jam’ (who ultimately claimed Long Beach vs. STL) and Sylk Smoov, per STL Today. But Nelly’s success busted the door for more Midwest rappers, especially St. Louis rappers, to rise to fame.

By 2014, the Recording Industry Association of America ranked him the fourth best-selling hip hop artist in American history, per Complex. Who were the other three? Artists that Nelly spoke on during ‘The Shop’ — Jay-Z, Eminem, and 2Pac.

And to THIS DAY, when Nelly comes on, you best believe the crowd will know those lyrics.

In the last year or so, fans have been more pressed about the inner workings of his rekindled love story with singer Ashanti. Rumors have floated for months that the couple is expecting their first child together, but neither has spoken on the innanet street talks!

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