Nick Cannon Enjoys A Fun-Filled Day With His Kids

Being a dad of 12 children is no easy task. But Nick Cannon appeared to be doing just fine as he gave fans a glimpse of his fun-filled day with seven of his kids.

Cannon hopped onto his Instagram Story on Thursday (January 7), posting some leisure activities with his little ones.

Nick Cannon Gave Fans A Glimpse At Life As A Father

The ‘Wild N Out’ star was joined by Powerful Queen, Rise Messiah, Onyx Ice, Legendary Love, Zion, Zillion, and Beautiful.

In one of the first posts shared to his Story, Cannon, wearing his signature turban, was all smiles while carrying his daughter, who’s seen wearing a princess-like dress.

Another photo shows him and his son, Legendary, on the floor as they got their selfie game on, with the caption reading, “This dude stole my whole face.”

Cannon followed up with a video of his kids enjoying themselves in the backyard garden. Then, he shared a clip of him playing with Zion as they seemingly mimicked how chickens walk.

‘The Masked Singer’ host grabbed hold of his son’s hands and began to dance with him in another story update. The two-year-old laughed as his dad tried matching his moves to the rhythm of the song playing in the background.

Meanwhile, his daughters, Halo Marie and Onyx, were all smiles as they played a game of peek-a-boo with their dad in the backyard.

O’Nyx Nyx peek-a-boo game is quite Fabulous,” he captioned the adorable clip.

The evidence that Cannon’s kids are living their best lives could be seen by taking a glance at the back garden, which was filled with a bunch of toys and a huge trampoline bounce house.

The ‘Drumline’ actor concluded with a final post, showing him cozying up to Onyx as he gently planted a kiss on her head. “All in a days work but this is All Daddy needs,” Cannon wrote.

When Did Nick Cannon Welcome His Last Child?

Cannon welcomed his most recent child, daughter Halo Marie, with Alyssa Scott on December 14, 2022.

Marie’s birth came just one year after the death of their son, Zen. Doctors had diagnosed the five-month-old with brain cancer, and he passed away shortly after on December 5, 2021.

December 14, 2022. Our lives are forever changed,” the model wrote as she made sure to pay tribute to their son.

Zen is in every breath I take. I know his spirit was with us in the room that morning. I know he is watching down on us. He shows me signs every day. I will hold onto this memory forever.

Cannon hasn’t welcomed any more kids since the birth of Marie (at least that we publicly know of). But he previously expressed his openness to expand his family.

The 43-year-old, despite facing criticism for his decision to have so many children, stated that only God could interfere with his ongoing plans to keep having babies.

“I’ve gotten in trouble about this too before because people will ask me if I’m done,” Cannon said while appearing on ‘The Language of Love with Dr. Laura Berman’ in June 2023, per PEOPLE. “And I say, ‘Only God can tell me if I’m done.’”

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