NLE Choppa Says He Needs Time To Prepare Amid Blueface’s Claims He Backed Out Of Their Boxing Match

NLE Choppa has issued a response to claims he got cold feet and decided to back out of his boxing match against Blueface.

But in a new video shared to his X account, the ‘Shotta Flow’ rapper says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Rappers Have Been Feuding Non-Stop On Social Media

To catch you up to speed, on Thursday (January 5), the idea of a boxing match came about, one day after Blueface released the remix to Jaidyn Alexis‘ song, ‘Barbie.’

In his verse, the Thotiana artist name-drops not just NLE but also his child’s mother, Marissa Da’Nae.

He previously alleged that the socialite passed him her phone number at a party they both attended in November.

In the song, Blueface doubled down on his accusations about Marissa trying to hook up with him. “Oh, N-L-E baby mama wanna hit/ Why you lying ’bout the number, b***h?” He raps. “You know I got the digits/ I ain’t never pulled it out and ain’t have a b***h to kiss it,”

Needless to say, NLE felt triggered and publicly told Blueface not to speak about his personal business.

NLE Challenges Blueface To A Boxing Match

On Thursday (January 4), the 21-year-old escalated things by challenging the Zeus Network star to a boxing match, with the intent of settling their differences once and for all.

Responding without hesitation, Blueface stood on business and said he had accepted the offer. The LA rapper seemingly couldn’t contain his anticipation for the event as he began promoting the match by sharing flyers on his social media pages.

However, on Friday (January 5), Blueface appeared to derail their plans for a boxing match when he went on Instagram Live and told fans that NLE was trying to back out of the fight.

“Cuz don’t want to squabble. The n**ga start putting s**t in motion, like, ‘Wait, I didn’t negotiate my terms of the deal.’ Like, what?” he said.

“That’s my fault for getting worked up, though. You know why it’s my fault? ’Cause the n**ga’s a Muslim, a vegan and a Crip, so it’s like a n**ga like that, he don’t even know himself.”

NLE Choppa Responds To Blueface

On Saturday (January 6), just hours later, NLE decided to respond to Blueface and explained that he couldn’t comprehend why he had already sent out flyers.

He said that the pair hadn’t reached an agreement about the terms of their match yet and that Blueface was practically “false advertising” by promoting the event before they had set things in stone.

“I asked you to fight. How the f**k did you get a flyer the next day with me and your face on it and I asked you to fight?” The Memphis native responded.

“So now you’re on some clout-chasing s**t. We ain’t negotiated nothing.”

Additionally, NLE also took issue with Blueface trying to rush into things by immediately setting up a boxing match when he clearly has more experience than him in the ring.

“C’mon now. I’m not a scared n***a, but I ain’t no dumb n***a.”

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