Odell Beckham Jr. Recalls Seeing Fans Break Into Drake’s Home

Odell Beckham Jr. has had a fair share of unusual encounters. However, one incident appears to stand out… an unexpected break-in at Drake‘s Hidden Hills home where OBJ was staying.

The athlete recalled the ordeal during a recent appearance on the ‘Punch Line Podcast‘ with Marlon Humphrey.

Odell Beckham Jr. Shocked By Early Morning Break-In

On one particular morning, Odell says he had some unexpected guests show up at Drizzy’s mansion. A group of fans had somehow managed to intrude into the residence.

“Somehow [these guys] found The Boy’s house, broke into it. And man they come into the room like, ‘We made it to Drake’s crib!’ [Their] socks [were] dirty as hell like they had to crawl through the mountains to get here,” Beckham Jr. shared, per Complex.

Understandably, being confronted by a bunch of intruders left OBJ feeling a little apprehensive.

He said he had to act cool and maintain his composure. Odell played along by greeting the fans when they approached him, despite feeling on edge.

These fans, thrilled at meeting the 31-year-old, requested autographs and pictures. OBJ, unsure of their intentions or whether they possessed any harmful objects like firearms, agreed, providing them with a bunch of selfies.

“So I had to try and play it cool. I had to dap them up but I was like, on edge at this point,” he shared. “They’re like, ‘OBJ wassup man! Can we get a picture? Can we get an autograph?’”

The NFL star promptly responded to the intrusion shortly after taking the photos.

As soon as he got the chance, Odell reached out to the security personnel and called the cops, subsequently leading to the fans being swiftly ushered out of Drake’s house.

Reflecting back on the situation, he added, “Instantly called security, instantly called cops. But I’m talking about broke into his house! I’ll never forget that. Broke into his house 7:30/8 in the morning. That’s insane!”

When Did OBJ Live At Drake’s Crib?

Odell resided at Drake’s mansion back in 2016 for a brief period while the rapper was on tour.

Many fans were already aware of OBJ’s stay at the house, having confirmed this while conversing with Ronda Rousey in a video for Draft Kings, per Sports Illustrated.

But this was the first time an intrusion took place while he was living there.

OBJ also recently clarified some things about his time under Drake’s roof in a GQ Sports interview.

Some people appeared to have been left with the impression that Drizzy and OBJ were “roommates,” and that the Canadian hitmaker was present during his friend’s stay.

But Drake was actually never home because he’d been touring and working on finishing his album, ‘Views.’

In an interview with the mag conducted in September 2023, Odell explained, “Well, I think people have a misunderstanding of that. He was actually on tour and I was living there. Everyone was like, ‘Oh, they’re roommates!’ That wasn’t really it.”

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