Ohio Student Suspended For Bringing Corn Chips To School

An Ohio school is being dragged after a student is suspended and barred from prom for bringing corn chips inside her high school.

According to The Atlanta Black Star, the mom of the student believes the punishment for this unorthodox rule is too severe.

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So, What Happened?

Miami Valley Career Technology in Clayton, Ohio reportedly implemented this rule to protect a teacher who is allergic to one of the ingredients in the chips.

Amber Guy, the student’s mother, said her daughter, Ali, was hungry and offered Taki Chips on the bus, per WHIO.  After arriving at school, she had two chips left. She ate them, threw the bag in the trash, and headed to class.

Ali was later called down to the office.

“… they asked her if she ate the chips, she said yes, and they suspended her for five days,” she explained.

The suspension fell during the date of her prom, so Ali couldn’t attend.

Guy also stated her daughter tried on roughly 50 dresses before finding the perfect one.

“For her, it was a big deal,” Guy said. “… it’s probably her only prom she would be able to go to because she graduates in December.”

Furthermore, Guy believes, “They’re taking away a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

What Did The School Say?

Superintendent Nick Weldy for the school confirmed the suspension. A statement was released that read, “The Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC) has taken disciplinary action against a student for non-compliance with an established rule regarding food consumption…”

It explained that the school had “a staff member with a severe/life-threatening allergy.”

The message continued, “The issue arose due to the student eating the allergen in an instructional area where such items are prohibited.” Signs are “posted in multiple locations.”

Additionally, the punishment is designed “to ensure the safety of a staff member” who has allergies.

The school also noted that parents and students were informed of the rule. Each has to sign a form acknowledging what is expected.

Ali’s mother filed an appeal over the suspension. However, it was reportedly denied, per WHIO. She plans to hire legal services and appeal the suspension in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.

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