Oop! Mos Def Says Drake Is A Pop Artist With “Shopping” Music

Chile! Mos Def, real name Yasiin Bey, has social media users debating Drake‘s impact on hip hop! He sparked the conversation after his recent interview comments about the ‘Search & Rescue’ rapper surfaced online.

Mos Def shared his thoughts on which genre Drake falls into during an appearance on ‘The Cutting Room Floor’ podcast. The episode dropped on Patreon earlier this week.

Recho Omondi kicked off the topic, asking, “Is Drake hip hop?” Before responding, Mos Def smirked a bit, whispering, “Why you doing this to me?” 

“Drake is pop to me, in the sense like if I was in Target in Houston and I heard a Drake song. It feels like a lot of his music is compatible with shopping.”

Def, who goes by his birth name these days, added:

“Or as you know, shopping with an edge in certain instances.” 

Host Omondi called Def’s assessment “fair,” before adding that Drake makes “commercial, entertaining, fun, good, formulaic music.” 

Mos Def piled on to the host’s feedback, calling Drake’s music “likable.” He repeated the compliment before laughing and describing a fake shopping scenario.

The former rapper and songwriter pretended to be someone inside a mall. He joked about all the “products” and “SKUs,” before saying “This is the new Drake, you hear it? 

Peep his full comments below.

Drake Hasn’t Responded To Mos Def, But Social Media Users Are

While the video is picking up steam across social platforms, Drake has yet to respond. However, the innanet streets are buzzing with responses to Mos Def, including what fans think October’s Very Own would say.

On The Shade Room’s Instagram feed, the roommates are cuttin’ up in the comment section of the podcast clip.

Iamtiffanylatrice wrote, “I can hear Drake now…’You Mos…def-inte-ly shouldn’t be steppin to me, my music for shoppin I just might take ya girl on a spree.’”


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