Parents Of Courtney Clenney Arrested For ‘Evidence Tampering’

Police have arrested the parents of  Courtney Clenney, the model who stands accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, in 2022.

USA Today reports that authorities booked Deborah Clenney and Kim Clenney into Texas’ Travis County Jail on Tuesday (January 30) in connection to the case.

Courtney’s Parents Accused Of Accessing Unauthorized Evidence

The arrest warrant states that authorities had charged the pair with unauthorized access to a laptop belonging to Obumseli.

Kim reportedly found the gadget in the apartment Courtney formerly shared with her partner before retrieving it.

Upon receiving a warrant to access the Clenneys’ iCloud accounts, investigators discovered a group chat discussing ways in which they would gain access to the tech device.

“Will be sending the laptop PIN ideas so we can try them before you see her again?” Kim allegedly wrote in a message sent on Sept 22, 2022, per NBC News.

Cleeney’s lawyer, Frank Prieto, who was also added to the chat, responded with a series of different suggestions.

“These were possible … was not sure about capitalization or spacing but there are the ones she could come up with,” Prieto wrote. “I would try all together and mix some of the capitalization and see if we get lucky.”

“The Pin Worked”

Eight days after first requesting for a pin code, Kim responded, “Hell yeah! That PIN worked!”

Prieto warned Kim not to go through the laptop’s contents and to be mindful of what he was clicking on.

The conversation then shifted over to how Prieto would acquire the device as the pair discussed plans to meet.

On October 6, they decided that Prieto would collect the laptop by making a drive to Dallas, to which Kim responded, “Ok. Sounds good. The earlier the better.”

Courtney’s legal team responds to their arrest by claiming that someone has targeted Kim and Deborah with charges to discredit them and make them face more scrutiny from the media.

“It appears excessive in that the family is now confined in jail awaiting an extradition hearing on what may be an attempt to manipulate media headlines and discredit them before Thursday’s scheduled hearing on a gag order in the case,” an attorney told NBC South Florida.

Courtney’s Volatile Relationship With Christian

In April 2022, Courtney, a former OnlyFans model, was accused of stabbing Obumseli to death in their Miami apartment, which first brought the Clenney case into the headlines.

Courtney’s defense team has argued that she acted out of self-defense during a domestic dispute that subsequently turned deadly.

However, a new video capturing Courtney physically assaulting Christian multiple times during a trip to Aspen, Colorado, indicated she, too, had been abusive in the relationship.

Watch the NSFW footage by clicking here.

According to TMZ, who obtained the clip, the altercation occurred in February 2022, just two months before Christian’s death.

Courtney allegedly lost her cool upon learning that Christian had been “flirting” with other women during their vacation.

She retaliates by pushing and hitting him while Christian remains self-restrained, telling her to stop touching him.

It is now one of over a hundred pieces of evidence handed over to the Obsumseli family’s civil attorney as part of the investigation.

In August 2022, authorities arrested Courtney and charged her with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon.

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