Philadelphia Man Kicked Out Of Storage Unit After Going Viral

The Philadelphia man who went viral for demonstrating his living arrangements in a storage unit last week has since been kicked out.

If you’ve been on social media this past week, you would have most likely come across the video of Leland Desmond Brown Jr.

Homeless TikToker Goes Viral Showing His Living Arrangement Inside A Storage Unit

In the clip, Brown gives a detailed view of how he makes use of his confined space while living in a storage unit. He said it was cheaper than getting an apartment.

The unit he shared with his girlfriend allowed the couple to save up for an RV. From there, they had plans to eventually make a downpayment on a home.

But it seems their entire plan has fallen apart. After Brown shared the video in view of millions of people, it seemingly got the attention of the company that owns the storage space.

The 28-year-old exclusively revealed to The Shade Room that management was made aware he’d been living in the rented unit.

Given that Brown breached the terms of the contract he had signed, he and his girlfriend have until the end of the month to collect their belongings.

The pair, now forced to live outdoors, are making things work by living in a tent within walking distance from their storage unit space.

Leland Desmond Brown Jr. Confirms His Son Doesn’t Live With Him

In his viral video, which has accumulated over 11 million views on TikTok alone and over 30 million on X, he also mentioned spending time with his son.

Understandably, people were curious whether his child was also living in the storage unit with the couple.

But Brown clarified that the 7-year-old is actually staying with his mother.

As to how the content creator ended up on the street, to begin with, he cited a “family-related conflict” that caused him to move out.

Brown eventually became accustomed to his new way of living, showing his followers how creative he’d been by remodeling the space into a somewhat cozy crib.

While some people were quick to criticize Brown, taking particular issue with him sharing the video on social media, he explained the intent behind the TikTok to TSR.

“I embrace sharing my journey on TikTok as it aligns with the essence of my character,” he told TSR. “Recording my experiences is not solely for financial gain but serves as a platform to inspire others. It’s about authenticity and the genuine desire to motivate rather than just making money.”

But now that management has given them the boot and forced them to move out, he and his girlfriend will have to find a new place to call home sooner rather than later.

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