Pilar Sanders Reacts To Deion Sanders’ Comments On Daughter

Pilar Sanders recently reacted to the negative comments Deion Sanders had for their daughter Shelomi.

According to Atlanta Black Star, the Colorado coach stated that his daughter’s decision to enter the player’s transfer portal was “stupid.”

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Deion Expressed His Disappointment

Shelomi played one season with the Buffaloes. She played a combined 11 minutes in five games and decided to transfer to a better opportunity. Deion was not unpleased with the small guard’s move.

“You don’t enter the portal — you get a team. You kind of get a team before you enter the portal,” Coach Prime said.

He continued, “And I know, ‘Well, it’s illegal.’ Come on, man… everybody that knows somebody, knows somebody… You kind of want them to do something, and she has been truly advised.”

Furthermore, Sanders stated that he is an active parent. However, he expects his children to follow his example.

“I’m a real dad. Where I come from, historically, kids follow their parents. When do parents start following the kids?” Sanders asked. “That don’t work in my book. That don’t work where I’m from. I’m the leader of the family. So, I’ve been dictating where my kids go.”

Pilar Reacts To Deion’s Comments

Pilar reacted to Deion’s comments on social media and said they were “disturbing on all fronts,” considering the family blindly supported him in his athletic endeavors.  Additionally, she stated it’s okay for Shelomi to do “what’s best” for her.

Pilar shot at her ex-husband, “How about supporting somebody else? We know you have favorites. We all know that; we’ve all seen it throughout life.”

“You always talk about a present person, don’t. Stop talking about a present parent. Don’t make me say more than I have to say. Stop talking about being a present parent,” Pilar stated. Shelomi rested her head on her mother’s shoulder as she spoke.

Pilar’s View On the Transfer

In contrast, Pilar stated that Shelomi’s decision gave her an opportunity to be recruited by a college team. The 20-year-old was allegedly robbed of that chance after graduating high school. Recruiters reportedly assumed she would attend Jackson State with her dad and brothers.

Pilar stated, “When recruitment started out of high school going into college, and she was having colleges and universities starting to contact her, but the minute they did, yeah, her dad…” 

Shelomi interrupted, “Everyone thought I was going to JSU.” 

The former model added, “Coaches told me that… That completely stopped Shelomi short of having the whole experience of being recruited, which was very unfair to her.”

Consequently, as a freshman, Shelomi redshirted at JSU. In 2022, she joined the women’s basketball team at the University of Colorado Boulder. The lady Hooper transferred with her brother and dad, who snagged the job as head coach.

Pilar stated the former NFL pro did not attend many of Shelomi’s games.

Was Shelomi Pick Up By A Team?

The Alabama A&M Bulldogs, an HBCU, made the 20-year-old an offer. It was announced on April 26. Her mom took to Instagram to wish her daughter well.

The caption read, “So happy you’re not settling, “It’s your life to live, so live it with love, passion, adventure and everything you’ve got!”

Deion and Pilar were married for about 14 years. They divorced in 2013.

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