President Biden & Donald Trump Agree To Crowd-less Debate

President Biden and Donald Trump have agreed to crowdless general election debates.

Politico reports that an anonymous source from Biden’s campaign stated this could be an advantage for the President.

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The Potential Crowd-less Debate Advantages For Biden

As previously reported by The Shade Room, the politicians agreed to two debates — one in June and another in September.

Joe’s advisor reportedly told the outlet, “Trump feeds off the crowd, they give him life.” The commander-in-chief’s team wanted to “take that away.” A former aide of Barack Obama, David Axelrod, stated audiences are “a big part of how he energizes himself.” He believes that “it will have some impact on [Trump] if “he can’t play to the crowd.”

Additionally, the 81-year-old’s advisors were concerned that the noise level from the audience would affect Biden during the debate. He reportedly has trouble hearing in loud settings. Furthermore, Biden’s camp wants to avoid arguments among the candidates. Joe’s campaign crew wants a smooth-running debate and avoid shouting matches. Moreover, if candidates speak out of turn, their microphones can be turned off.

Axelrod believes the Biden campaign “won negotiations on three points. It’s a debate without a crowd. It’s a debate without any third-party candidates. And it’s an early debate.”

He contends that it is an ideal situation for Biden.

Social Media Reacts To The Debate Being Crowdless

The Roomies under The Shade Room’s report had mixed feelings about the newly agreed-upon rules.

@themeganbaca quipped, “The silence is gonna be LOUD! Gonna feel like an episode of the office.” 

“I really like this format. When it’s all about trying to get an applause, we lose out on quality. This debate is just these two men and a moderator discussing serious police matters,” @drbradford06 stated.

@pvcuvndo quipped, “one can’t speak and the other has middle school jokes.”

“The fact that this man is on trial and running for presidency at the same time is crazy,” @3rdaccountliterally_ added.

“Now you get to hear what policies and what they both have to actually say… without all the noise and chaos…. Definitely here for that… let’s see what they have to say to the American people. What they actually plan to do for the country!!!” @nea_moira stated.

Tune in to the first debate on June 27.

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