Quincy & Christian Combs Tease New Music Amid Diddy Video

It looks like Quincy and Christian Combs aren’t slowing down their lives amid Diddy’s bruised public image. The brothers recently teased a snippet of what they’ve been working on in the studio!

Their new music alert comes nearly a week after surveillance footage showed Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs assaulting Cassie in a hotel hallway in 2016. At the time, Diddy was 37, and Cassie was 19. In the last week, we’ve heard Sean issue a non-specific apology and read Cassie’s statements about believing domestic violence victims “the first time.”

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However, Diddy’s adult children have not publicly spoken about their father’s past actions. The now-controversial hip-hop mogul is a father to six biological children and a stepfather to Quincy. His four daughters—Chance, twins D’Lila and Jessie, and infant Love—are all minors, while his sons, Justin Combs and Christian, are legal adults.

Quincy, Christian, and the twins are also related through their late mother, Kim Porter.

Social Media Reacts To Quincy & Christian Combs’ New Music

With all the allegations surrounding their family, brothers Quincy and Christian are still making time for their music careers. It’s unclear how long they’ve been working on the track or when we can expect the full drop.

The video tease shows them taking turns rapping and singing against a grey background as a photographer snaps photos.

Watch the clip below. 

After The Shade Room reposted the tease, it received over 20,000 comments with various reactions.

@teebellomusic said, “Read the room guys. Poor Christian, he ain’t ask to look like that man.”

@savlion22 wrote, “Hakeem and Jamal think they slick. Tryna distract us from Lucious.” 

@dussededia said, “It’s crazy how instead of laying low, they would rather clout chase knowing the reaction they will receive. and QUNICY YOUR DAD TOLD YOU TO COME HOME ROGER.” 

@pfrankshow wrote, “Not that they’re guilty but it would seem like falling back would be the vibe for now.” 

@anjiwong added, “Not Diddy telling his sons “It’s yall turn yo make money for this family.”

@therapy_with_ki said, “Who is the family’s publicist because they need Olivia Pope atp.” 

@freddiehottsauce wrote, “They needed to make an uplifting song. Not a freaky song lol.”

Quincy, Christian, and Justin have been steadily avoiding statements about Diddy to the press, even as his reputation continues to take hits.

What started with Cassie’s now-settled lawsuit in Nov. 2023 has evolved into at least four additional sexual assault and abuse lawsuits being filed against Diddy. Then, federal agents raided two of his homes in March and temporarily detained Justin and Christian at one. Amid the abuse video, at least two more sexual assault lawsuits were filed against Diddy.

Note that Justin and Christian have also been named in similar lawsuits.

Most recently, Christian has also been spending time with his girlfriend, including a trip to Brazil.

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