Rachel Lindsay Husband Requests Emergency Spousal Support

Rachel Lindsay‘s estranged husband, Bryan Abasolo, has reportedly requested emergency spousal support amid their divorce.

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More Details On Bryan Abasolo’s Spousal Support Request For Rachel Lindsay

According to court documents obtained by US Weekly, Absalo made the request earlier this month. Additionally, the 44-year-old is reportedly requesting that his estranged wife cover $75,000 of his legal fees.

Abasolo is reportedly alleging that Lindsay is using their joint funds to pay for her divorce fees. However, she has been barring him from doing the same.

“I am informed and believe that Rachel has been using our community property monies to pay for her divorce lawyer and forensic accountant, while refusing to give me access to any of our community property funds to pay my divorce lawyer, my forensic accountant, or any of my personal expenses,” Abasolo’s filing reads, per the outlet.

In addition, Abasolo alleges that he placed his career as a chiropractor “on hold” to support Lindsay’s career.

“These moves were detrimental to my chiropractic business, while Rachel’s income and success as a media personality skyrocketed,” the filing reportedly adds.

The Estranged Husband Provides Support For His Spousal Request

According to Abasolo, Lindsay’s successful career as an attorney and media personality afforded them an “upper-class marital standard of living.” The estranged husband explained they frequently dined at celeb hotspots and flew first class.

However, his way of living has reportedly taken a hit after their split.

According to the outlet, Abasolo is alleging that he earns $1,300 a month. However, this amount is less than his fixed expenses, which reportedly include $6,500 in rent and $1,500 in groceries.

Additionally, Abasolo would like Lindsay’s financial assistance so he can relocate from their shared Los Angeles home.

“Rachel and I are cohabiting in our Family Residence, but neither of us wants to continue to live together. Our current living situation is very awkward and strained. I want to move out of our Family Residence as soon as possible, but maintaining our standard of living is not financially feasible at this time,” his filing asserts, per PEOPLE.

Despite his request to relocate, Abasolo reportedly believes he is entitled “to half” of their shared home.

The outlet notes that Lindsay has yet to respond to her estranged husband’s recent filing.

A Recap Of The Couple’s Split

As The Shade Room previously reported, Abasolo filed for divorce from Lindsay in January. The couple had been married for about four years at the time.

Additionally, Abasolo listed their reason for divorce as “irreconcilable differences.” Furthermore, the chiropractor shared a statement amid news of his filing becoming public.

Lindsay ultimately broke her silence on the matter days after her estranged husband’s filing.

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