Rachel Lindsay Speaks On Bryan Abasolo Divorce

Rachel Lindsay is speaking out days after reports surfaced that her husband of four years, Bryan Abasolo, filed for divorce. As The Shade Room previously reported, Abasolo made the filing on Tuesday, January 2.

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Rachel Lindsay Opens Up About Her & Bryan Abasolo’s Pending Divorce

The latest episode of Lindsay’s joint podcast with Van Lathan was released on Friday, January 5. About 15 seconds into the episode, Lindsay addressed those who have “reached out” to her following the news of her and Abasolo’s split.

“I didn’t think I would get emotional… First off, I just want to say thank you for people who reached out. I’m still trying to reply to people. You just never know how great your circle is until you see all the people that reach out and love you,” she said.

Lindsay went on to explain that it has been a “difficult time.” Additionally, she said that she needs to “distract” herself from herself.

“Obviously, it’s a difficult time — if you’ve read the headlines… and you’re probably wondering why I would even work,” she continued. “But to be honest with you, I need to distract myself from myself, and the best way to do that is to do something that I love, and I love ‘Higher Learning.’”

Before concluding the matter, Lindsay explained that she was going to try her “best to get through” the episode. However, she would not discuss her divorce because “now is not the time.”

Lindsay added that she will speak on the matter “eventually.” But for now, she is “taking it day by day.”

To listen to Linsday’s sentiments, click here.

More Details Regarding The Estranged Husband’s Filing

As The Shade Room previously reported, Bryan Abasolo filed for divorce from Linsday earlier this week. In his filing, the chiropractor listed their date of separation as Sunday, December 31, 2023.

Additionally, Abasolo attributed their split to irreconcilable differences. He is also requesting spousal support from Lindsay, who is an attorney.

Furthermore, the chiropractor also took to Instagram following reports of his filing. In a post, he explained his “difficult decision” and requested that the public “respect the spaces” of his and Lindsay’s friends and family during this time.

“If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I don’t like to put my personal affairs on social media and like to keep a safe space for our family. Many of you know me as a chiropractor, and also as a husband, my proudest role so far,” he wrote. “After more than 4 years of marriage, Rachel and I have made the difficult decision to part ways and start anew. My parents have been married forever and I’m a family man, but sometimes loving yourself and your partner means you must let go…”

Read Abasolo’s entire post by swiping below.

A Brief Look At The Former Couple’s Union

As The Shade Room previously reported, Lindsay and Abasolo met on season 13 of the competitive reality dating TV series, ‘The Bachelorette,’ in 2017 Lindsay starred as the show’s first Black “Bachelorette” and chose Abasolo as her ultimate love interest.

In 2019, the couple tied the knot.

In November 2023, Lindsay opened up to E! News about their plans to have their first child together. At the time, she shared that the process had been “harder” than they thought.

“It’s something that we want,” Linsday explained. “It’s been harder than I thought it would be. We’re trying. You think, ‘Oh yeah when I’m ready, I’ll make it happen.’ But it’s just been a little bit more difficult for us. But we’re definitely starting the process.”

Additionally, Lindsay opened up about her and Abasolo’s decision to keep their union private and “protect” their marriage.

“… We realized a long time ago that so many people — the more you give them, the more opinions and judgments that they have,” she continued. “And so, we realized we needed to protect ourselves. So, for us, we just post when we want to post. We’re together all the time. We’re just not putting it out there.”

In December of that year, Lindsay reiterated that stance while admitting that her and Abasolo’s romance has its “ups and downs,” per US Weekly.

“I just [was like], ‘I want to keep this for ourselves,’ and, you know, marriage has ups and downs, but you never know when we’re good or when we’re not because we never put it out there,” she said. “I kind of want to keep it that way, so when I want to share something, I do.”

Then, on Sunday, December 31, Lindsay took to Instagram to share a video. In the post’s caption, she referred to 2023 as “one of the hardest years” of her life.

“Definitely one of the hardest years of my life, but choosing to focus on grateful moments and carrying that energy into 2024,” she wrote.

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