Ray J Shares Why He’s Okay Sacrificing “Happiness” In A Marriage

Ray J gave his take on what’s happening between him and Princess Love. He also spoke about his willingness to trade his happiness for kids to be happy.

As The Shade Room previously reported, Princess announced another split from Ray J and a pending trip to make it legally so! The story quickly went viral, given that they called off their third attempt at divorce in March 2023.

The reality TV star shared the life update a few weeks after Valentine’s Day in February. Her statement at the time said the “realization that [their] paths have diverged” was a “difficult” one.

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What Did Ray J Say About The Princess Love Divorce?

A little under a month after the announcement, Ray finally spoke about the status during an appearance on ‘The Breakfast Club.’ When the topic of Princess Love’s divorce arose, Ray J shared that he felt “hot” and removed his jacket.

Meanwhile, Jess Hilarious pressed the topic, asking Ray J to explain what was going on between him and Princess. She added that this is their fourth time seeking divorce and that the conversation has been ongoing for a while.

Ray clarified that the first break-up always hits the hardest, but after that, he can approach the split with more understanding.

“I guess happiness is important, but for me, if my kids are happy, then I don’t care about happiness. And a lot of people, ‘Hey, say you have to be happy for your kids,’ and yeah, for sure, and I feel like I have the power in my hands now. But at the same time, the fact that we made the vow and I’m 100% I could not be happy and just ride it for the kids and figure out which years we gon’ have that’s gon be great and which arent. So I’m willing to not be happy to be around my kids every day.” 

Charlamagne Tha God and Jess Hilarious immediately disagreed with his POV. However, Ray J elaborated on his point, questioning parents who say they would die for their kids but “can’t [they] sacrifice being happy.”

He said that “mathematically” it “doesn’t make sense” to not sacrifice happiness for the children’s happiness.

Watch his statements below.

Ray J also added that he’s “happy” in life right now, though! Despite the divorce announcement, Ray J said he and Princess Love speak every day.

“I just want to protect her in whatever she’s doing, whatever the industry has going on right now. Like in poker, she’s killing it in poker right now… lotta millions on the table, you playing with millions of dollars.  So you know what I’m saying?”

He said Princess is “everything” to their kids, Melody Love and Epik Ray. So, in his eyes, he feels like it’s a must that he makes sure that “figure” is good. On his part, Ray J says, “It’s all love.”

At two points in the conversation, he appeared to completely swerve the question about whether he also wanted a divorce.

Social Media Reacts To Ray’s Comments On Divorce & “Happiness”

Meanwhile, in The Shade Room’s comment section, the roommates sounded off about the fourth divorce attempt and the singer’s comments on happiness in a marriage with kids.

@donquan4ever wrote, “I just seen something that said a man will put his happiness aside for his family but a woman will put ur family aside for her happiness.” 

@brickhousestl added, “2 happy households is better than one unhappy household and best believe them kids know!” 

@kissmyaggie spoke on a particular statement he said, writing, Ray J is hilariously off the chain for casually throwing in that ‘even if you say all this crazy s*** call me out my name and say Ima die’s still all love’ lawwwwd Jesus fix it.” 

@kha_the_great felt like Ray J, “said a bunch of nothing lol.” 

@youneedthatwhen agreed, writing, “If saying nothing was a person.” 

Meanwhile, @big_rich_lll seemingly agreed with Ray’s stance on being unhappy in a relationship for the sake of the kids. He wrote, “These goofies talking break up a family and give your kids a major disadvantage in life is part of the reason society is crumbling.. when you get married it’s supposed to be forever.. and yea that means when you’re not happy also… there will be bad times and good times No one always happy in relationships and if that’s all yu need to leave then you’ll end up single with multiple kids with multiple partners and a high chance of the children being f**kups.” 

At this time, Princess Love hasn’t responded to Ray J’s stance.

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