Rick Ross Seemingly Reacts To Game’s Diss Track Against Him

The Game has seemingly been throwing jabs at Rick Ross all week. He escalated his unexplained beef by releasing a diss track on Friday (May 10), titled ‘Freeway’s Revenge.’

“Maybach, I know the truth’s inside. You 12 lemon pepper wings from a heart attack. Akademiks get this n***a an Ozempic starter pack,” Game rapped. “…This aint the Kendrick-Drake beef, my Drake sings song, your neighbor better have his Ring on.”

Game continued, seemingly suggesting he could be violent outside the booth. The West Coast rapper warned that his words were “payback” “for the drama” this person, presumably Rick, allegedly brought to his doorstep.

“Your baby mama told me that you like to get peed on. You a CO, that’s the last time you had keys on,” he continued.

Game later accused Rick of stealing his rap persona from a drug lord and The Notorious B.I.G.

“The real Rick Ross know every bird gotta leave the nest. You stole your name, I pulled your file. You looked at B.I.G and stole his style.”

Swipe below to hear more of ‘Freeway’s Revenge.’

Jayceon has been throwing stones at Rick Ross’ way but hasn’t clarified what has him at the Wingstop franchisee’s throat.

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This Is How Rick Ross Reacted

Rozay apparently caught Game’s shade because he took to Instagram on Friday cheesing! Holding a Louis Vuitton teacup, he cackled real hard about men out here “starving.”

Watch Rick seemingly troll Jayceon below. 

This unserious energy is the same kind Rozay had earlier this week after Kendrick shaded Drake with ‘Not Like Us.’

However, last month, he also took to the booth to take his jabs at Drizzy on the song ‘Champagne Moments.‘ Rick Ross created the phrase ‘BBL Drizzy,’ which Metro Boomin later turned into a free beat. Folks online kiki-ed about the beat, calling it the first diss-trumental.

Drake had some of his clapbacks for Rozay, including on ‘Family Matters,’ but earlier this week, he seemed to wave the white flag in his battle with Kendrick.

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