Robert De Niro Calls Donald Trump A Clown (WATCH)

Robert De Niro is making headlines after calling former president Donald Trump a clown and remarking on his possible reelection.

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Robert De Niro Shares His Thoughts On Donald Trump

According to the Daily Mail, on Tuesday, May 28, De Niro appeared outside of the New York courthouse where Trump is currently facing trial. The outlet adds that the 80-year-old actor was joined by capitol police officers as part of President Joe Biden’s election campaign.

“I hope this new ad campaign reaches outside the bubble to remind supporters of what a danger he is to our lives. This is not a threat. This is our reality. And that’s why I’ve joined the Biden-Harris campaign, because the only way to preserve our freedoms and hold on to our humanity is to vote for Joe Biden for president,” De Niro reportedly told the crowd, per Fox News.

Furthermore, the actor explained that re-electing Trump would lead to him destroying the country and “eventually” the world. As he spoke, Trump supporters reportedly yelled expletives about Joe Biden while insulting also De Niro, per the Daily Mail.

However, undeterred, the actor completed his speech about Trump, ultimately calling the former president a clown.

Watch Robert De Niro’s full sentiments below.

According to CNN, three of Trump’s top advisers, Jason Miller, Steven Cheung, and Karoline Leavitt, spoke to reporters after De Niro’s remarks. The groups reportedly referred to the 80-year-old as a “washed-up actor.”

“The best they can do is roll out a washed-up actor,” Miller said, referring to President Biden’s campaign team.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users shared mixed reactions to Robert De Niro’s comments about Trump in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @_eatpraytravel wrote, I’m glad somebody finally ain’t afraid to say it”

While Instagram user @aprnbeauty added,Legend has spoken!!!”

Instagram user @certifiied_tino wrote, What does he think Biden will continue to do? 😭”

While Instagram user @mammasocialite added, Calling Robert De Niro a washed up actor is crazy”

Instagram user @mrsleader wrote, DeNiro has beeen saying this from the first election and now we all know he’s speaking a word!!✨”

While Instagram user @thecierachantal added, This election is going to be a mess.”

Instagram user @a10chun wrote, Why we gotta have a president again?”

While Instagram user @meleliz__ added, Where’s the lie?”

Instagram user @1martinmatthews wrote, He’s one of my favorite actors but he’s being such a drama queen here.”

While Instagram user @bri_na79 added, But what is Joe doing for the country?”

THESE Celebs Recently Shared Their Endorsement Of The Former President

While President Biden may be receiving public support from Robert De Niro, Trump recently unveiled two of his celebrity supporters to be Brooklyn-bred rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow. As The Shade Room previously reported, the pair joined Trump at his rally in the Bronx on May 23.

“One thing I wanna say. They always gonna whisper your accomplishments and shout your failures. Trump gone shout the wins for all of us,” Sheff G told the crowd during his appearance.

Check out the viral moment below.

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