Roda Osman Denies She’s On The Run Over Brick Incident

Roda Osman has addressed reports claiming she’s on the run following her charge with felony theft by deception over the September brick incident.

Osman stepped into The Shade Room on Thursday (January 18) to denounce claims made by KPRC reporter Bryce Newberry that she failed to surrender to police in Houston over her charge.

Roda Osman Denies Being On The Run Over Theft, Deception Charge

In his initial report, Newberry claimed that Osman, whom he repeatedly refers to as “brick lady,” was planning to turn herself in by 3:45 PM with the assistance of a local Black Panther Party chapter.

He revealed that they had scheduled a meeting with Osman before her expected surrender. But she appeared to be a no-show.

In response to Newberry’s report, however, Osman stated that she hasn’t surrendered because she has yet to find a lawyer to fight her case.

“My name is not brick lady,” she said in response to Newberry’s video. “The abuse never stops. My name is Roda and I am the victim. I was harmed. I never harmed anyone.”

“But Olan Douglas harmed me. Social media harmed me. Blogs harmed me. HPD has harmed me. I have been abused and revictimized and now I’m being held to a level of scrubby that is dangerous to all.”

She emphasized that she was still the victim of assault.

Osman highlighted that, despite allegedly receiving a blow to the head with an object, people held her accountable to remember every detail of the night’s attack.

Osman strongly implied that people were scrutinizing her to such an extent only because she’s Black.

“If you get hit over the head, remember every detail or felony. Well only if you’re a dark-skinned woman,” she continued. “This is disgusting.”

Roda Is Still Seeking Legal Representation

Osman also refuted claims of her refusal to surrender before she had even found a lawyer to represent her case.

“I’m not on the run. Everyone is trying to extort me for money. I am trying to find a proper lawyer to surrender with. I look forward to my day in court to fight these bullsh** claims and retribution from Officer Thorton for reporting her for misconduct. Again, I look forward to my day in court!”

On Wednesday (January 17), The Shade Room reported that Houston police have leveled accusations of deception and falsification against Osman.

Investigators cast doubt on the authenticity of Osman’s story, which initially claimed that a man had hit her across the head with a brick because she turned down his advances.

Surveillance footage from the night of the incident revealed Osman, a female friend, Douglas, and another male acquaintance at a lounge. An argument erupted when they got into a Maserati about 20 minutes later, according to Click 2 Houston.

Douglas, per the charging docs, allegedly struck Osman while holding a water bottle. She alleges he emerged from the car and hopped into an Audi before speeding off.

Police accused Osman of failing to use the $42k she received in GoFundMe donations for her medical costs, as originally stated in her post.

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