Romeo Miller Shows Spinal Recovery After Car Accident (PHOTO)

Romeo Miller is sharing his recovery process after being involved in a “horrific car accident.”

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Romeo Miller Details His Recent Accident, Injuries & Recovery Efforts

On Monday, May 13, Miller took to his Instagram Story to share a photo with fans. The picture appeared to show his back, which featured five bandages around his neck area.

Additionally, Miller explained that he was recently unable to walk.

“After not being able to walk this past weekend. Back to get spinal/neck work. Thought I was done with procedures but was assured this healing process of getting a fully healthy neck and back after my accident will be a marathon,” he wrote.

As his message continued, Miller asked his family and friends to be patient with him as he returned their texts. Ultimately, Miller shared that his recent spinal and neck treatment was a “success,” and he’s doing “good and resting.”

Miller’s health update arrives just two weeks after he took to Instagram to reveal that he was recently in a “horrific car accident.” On May 1, Miller posted a montage video of himself working out in the gym and at recent doctor’s visits.

In the caption of his post, Miller revealed that his New Year’s resolution was to get in his “best physical shape.”

“The first few weeks started off with a bang! And then I was involved in an horrific car accident on the freeway,” he wrote. “…Me and my cousin walked away alive, but soon I’ll find out that I’ll have to reset and cancel most of my life for the next few months to properly heal in peace and private.”

Miller explained that he suffered head injuries from the accident, which “made everything difficult.” However, after undergoing initial “neck/spinal procedures,” which were successful, he was able to become active again.

“…I asked to become my strongest, and God did just that,” he continued before concluding his message. “Ps: this was kept private until I was well, so from work, friends and fam, if I wasn’t accessible; you now know I’ve been on a journey. Super Saiyan Mode! Rebuild! Regrowth! Rebirth! Blessings! The best is yet to come. 🌱 Locked in.”

Social Media Sends Prayers

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their well wishes for Miller and his recovery.

Instagram user @prowell.michael wrote, PRAYING 🙏 YOU ROMEO!! GET WELL SOON!!❤”

While Instagram user @411_ofbeauty added, Speedy recovery ❤️‍🩹”

Instagram user @hestillvalentino wrote, From someone who had spinal issues 😭 that is a pain I don’t wish on anybody 😮‍💨 speedy recovery @romeomiller”

While Instagram user @hundotwaun added, D**n that’s wild hope he has a speedy recovery”

Instagram user @redbonebitch1 wrote, 🙌🙌 That spine pain and neck pain no joke praying for you 🙌”

While Instagram user @hush_bihh added, Get well Romeo!!! 🙏🏾”

Instagram user @starflow wrote,Push through king 🙏🏽🙏🏽”

Romeo Was Involved In Another Car Accident In 2013

Unfortunately, Miller’s recent car accident is not the first he’s been involved in. In September 2013, Miller spoke out after being involved in another collision, per TMZ.

At the time, the outlet caught up with the rapper, who explained that the incident was fatal. Additionally, Miller shared his gratitude for walking away from the incident with his life.

“For me, honestly, I’m just happy to be here… I could’ve been gone,” he said. “I got in a collision, 70 miles per hour, on my side of the car… and it really put things in perspective.

Miller explained he was asleep at the time of the incident and woke up when it occurred. Ultimately, the “girl dad” shared a message for the public.

“Just be grateful, ’cause you never know,” he explained.

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