Ryan Garcia Goes Viral After Press Conference & Missing Weight

Ryan Garcia’s behavior during the press run for his fight against Devin Haney has drawn concern.

ESPN reports that the boxer missed weight and is over a million dollars in debt to Haney.

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Peculiar Press Conference

The 25-year-old’s behavior seemed odd at the press conference to promote the fight. However, some social media users said it was all for “entertainment.”

Garica said, “I want some of yo mama. I’ll put my d*** in your mouth, b****.”

The fighter added, “Aye, pause, no, Diddy.” 

After Ryan finished his rant, Devin spoke.

“Something wrong with the m*****f******. This not normal. This s*** not normal,” Haney said.

Ryan Missed Weight

During the fighter’s weigh-in on Friday (April 19), Garcia missed weight by 3.2 pounds. The weight limit for the boxers was 140 pounds. Instead of attempting to lose the extra weight, Ryan suggested the fight continue on Saturday. The two men signed an agreement to duke it out at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

However, Garcia loses out on this deal. Although he will not have to weigh in on Saturday, he will forfeit roughly $600,000 of his winnings to Haney.

Devin must have had an inkling Garcia would miss weight because he bet him $500,000 per pound if he did. Since Ryan was 3 pounds over, he owes his opponent $1.5 million. A statement from Golden Boy Promotions confirmed Ryan would “honor the handshake made” that sealed the deal.

Ryan’s Response To Missing Weight

Garcia took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to inform his fans that missing weight was intentional.

“Why would I force myself to make weight so I can be weak?” he wrote.

Ryan continued, “Nah I’m here to win. That’s it.”

Viral GQ Clip

Additionally, Garcia went viral as he freestyled a song during a GQ interview with Devin. After Ryan finished his impromptu tune, Haney said, “I don’t know if he’s taking the fight seriously or not.”

Garcia also dropped new music. He recently posted a promo for his song ‘Blessed and Highly Favored.’ His caption stated that it was available on all streaming platforms, and a music video was on the way.

Some fans contend Garcia is great at marketing, while others believe the fighter is unwell.

@diamondstriking_  commented under his IG post of the press conference, “Can’t tell if he’s a marketing genius or has completely lost it.. there is a fine line.”

“Ryan tried to tell everybody what was going on and now they got him on meds like Kanye,” @travelhefe surmised.

Daily Mail reported in March that Garcia made allegations of children being sexually assaulted, murdered, and disappearing. After making these claims, he later posted a video stating he lost access to his phone and credit cards in addition to ensuring the public he wasn’t dead, per TMZ. Some social media goers firmly supported his claims as they could see how disturbed and frightened Ryan was, but others said he was simply regurgitating old conspiracy theories.

Garcia later refocused his attention back to boxing.

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